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How to Loop Videos on YouTube on your Mac/ Windows PC

Though available only on the desktop version of YouTube, there is a simple process to loop videos instead of going on to the next in the playlist.


YouTube’s selection is vast and varied. Some videos deserve to be played over and over again. Usually YouTube defaults to playing the next video in a playlist immediately, but there is a hidden feature that lets the user play a video over and over again, without constantly clicking that pesky “back” button.

The process to turn on this feature on your desktop or laptop can be broken down into 4 basic steps:


  1. Open any browser and go to YouTube.com, of course. This is a feature of YouTube itself and there is no other program required.


  1. Click on the YouTube video link that you want looped over and over and over. If it doesn’t start playing immediately, press play.


  1. Once it starts to play, right click (on a PC) or two-finger click (on a Mac) on the video screen, which brings up the YouTube video options.


  1. From the dropdown list, select Loop. It’s about halfway down the list.


This will result in the video playing over and over again until you stop it or manually go onto the next video. This is really good for repeating short videos without needing to reload them every time, or for playing a song that you just love to jam to.


To turn off the loop:

  1. Right or Double Click on the video that’s being replayed.


  1. Select Loop from the dropdown menu. If the video is already looping, this will have a checkmark next to it. The next video will right away.


The benefits of looping: No reload. The video will only need to buffer the first time. Ads: The ads that play at the beginning of a video with such advertising will not play the second time. This author was unable to test mid-episode advertisements in loops.


The downsides of looping: You might get really sick of watching that same video over and over and over.

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