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How to make and receive Phone Calls from iPad?

You know that awful feeling, when you hear your phone ringing- it’s in another room and you can’t be bothered to get up and find it. You know the call’s going to be important, and you can’t miss it. It would be much easier if I could just make calls on my iPad,’ you think to yourself.

Well, ever since the release of iOS 8, the ever-lasting problem, of being in one room while your phone rings in the next has been eliminated. Due to a feature called continuity, you can now make and receive phone calls from your iPad as well as your mobile device. 


To utilize this feature, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, and must both be running iOS 8 or later. As long as you have these things, you’re set to start calling and texting across multiple platforms with ease. 

Receiving Calls

When someone is calling your phone, you’ll be able to hear it and if you’re on the device, you’ll see it too. This is the same for the iPad. 

You’ll see the contact’s name, number and profile picture on the screen, much like on the iPhone. When you see this notification, click to enlarge it, or swipe across to answer the call. 

Also, you can still do the other typical features of mobile calling, such as declining the call, by clicking the red icon, you can also send a message, explaining why the call was declined.

You can choose from the pre-set ones, or you can type your own custom message. These features, however, are only available when the iPad is unlocked.

Making Calls

Making calls is very simple. Either find the contact in your list, and click to call, or tap on any number you come across whilst browsing safari, to call that. 

Enabling This Feature:

To turn this feature on, first go to settings, and find the FaceTime menu. There should be an option to toggle iPhone cellular calls. Press that, so that the setting is turned on. 

In this menu, you can choose to take FaceTime calls and you can also select which of the phone numbers or email addresses connected to your Apple ID, you’d like to share the cellular the connection with. 


This is a very handy feature, and one that can solve a lot of people a lot of bother. It’s also not at all hard to enable. So, next time you’re upstairs, and you hear your phone ring from the lower floor, you know exactly what to do.

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