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How To Turn Off MacBook Pro Keyboard

You may have run into a problem where your MacBook’s built-in keyboard stopped working or you may want to use an USB-connected keyboard instead. Perhaps, you have children with curious fingers or a pet who steps on your laptop. In any of these instances, learning to disable your MacBook’s internal keyboard can be useful.

Use a Shortcut Key


The first step to disable your keyboard using a shortcut key. Simply press Ctrl + F1 to disable your keyboard controls.


Use Apple Script


To use apple script, open the Terminal app through the Applications/Utilities folder and disable your keyboard by inserting the following command:



If you want to enable your keyboard, insert the following command instead:

Sudo kextload/System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard

Use Third Party Apps

A third way to easily disable your MacBook keyboard is to use third party apps. The main software available to disable your MacBook keyboard, like Karabiner, Keyboard Clean Tool, and Lockey.


Karabiner is a free software that can customize your keyboard. This app can disable and enable your keyboard, but it can also change the key mappings and apply special functions to regular keys. There are several possible modifications that can be made that are all available upon download.

To disable your keyboard:

  1. Download the Karabiner app and open the download file.
  2. Install Karabiner on your laptop and launch the app.
  3. Enter “disable” in the search box and click on the box that corresponds to the internal keyboard.

Keyboard Clean Tool and Lockey

Keyboard Clean Tool is another free app that disables your keyboard with a mere click of a button. Additionally, Lockey allows you to disable both your mouse and keyboard to prevent any accidental key strokes or keyboard clicks.


Disabling your MacBook Pro keyboard has several advantages. Whether you need simply need to replace your built-in keyboard, but do not want to trade in your still functional laptop, or if you just want to preserve the quality of your keyboard, the steps above can easily help you claim some control over your keyboard.


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