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How you can Disable your iPhone’s Magnifier or Zoom Feature

A lot of iOS devices offer features such as zoom to provide great accessibility for everyone especially people with disabilities. The zoom features make the letters and numbers easier to read and the iPhone become user-friendly even for the elderly.

One of the accessibility features that iPhone has to offer is the zoom. This feature generally magnifies everything on a user’s screen so that they can easily see where they are on their phone and what they are doing. This feature is especially helpful for people who have poor eyesight.

Turn on Zoom

In order to enable zoom on your iPhone you can do the following:

1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings.

2. Select General

3. Choose Accessibility

4. Go to Zoom

In order to see a part of your screen, you can choose Window Zoom. If you want to magnify your whole screen, select the Full-Screen Zoom feature.

Some iPhone users reportedly bought the device as a gift and turned on the zoom feature for the benefit of the recipient. It is common to turn on this feature especially if the device is for the elderly. One user said that when he decided to turn on the zoom feature, the screen becomes too difficult to navigate.

This is especially true when it comes to the Full-Screen Zoom option. The screens can be too magnified and not easily accessible even for the common user. If you are one of the users who find it hard to turn off the zoom feature since the screen can be inaccessible or not visible at all, the good news is you can fix this yourself without needing technical help from Apple.

This article is written for people who are having difficulties turning off the zoom feature of their iPhones. You may have turned it on accidentally and you just want to get everything back to normal. Another scenario is, you may have turned it on intentionally but you are already regretting that you have done so. Here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Ideally, you can just simply go to your device’s Settings. You can then go to the following options: General, then Accessibility, choose Zoom, and toggle it off.

However, if you are having difficulties because the slider is not visible, then go to step number 2.

2. Zoom out your screen through double tapping using your three fingers. If you are in the settings, view the slider by double tapping your screen. You can then toggle off the slider to turn off the zoom feature.

If this step does not work for you, you can go ahead to step No. 3.

3. If you are becoming frustrated because of the zoom feature, you can go to your iTunes to turn it off. However, you need a computer to help you do Step # 3.

1. Simply connect your device to the computer.

2. Access your iTunes on the computer.

3. Click on Device or the area where your phone appears.

4. Select the option called “Configure Accessibility.

5. Click on Neither then Click the blue OK button.

Now you are good to go! Try to switch off and switch on the phone before using it.


If you can’t still disable or turn off zoom from your iPhone, you can always seek help from another person inside your house. You can also go to the nearest Apple Store so they can do it for you. However, if you were able to successfully do the simple steps above, then you are doing a great job with your device.

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