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iMovie Not Responding – Tips and Fixes

iMovie is a great software that allows users to edit images, videos, and music creatively to create personalized home movies. However, just like any software, it is not perfect and there are times when one encounters some issues accessing and opening it.

Not Responding Problems

Probably one of the most common issues that user encounter is when the software just unexpectedly quits. There are instances when you try to access the application and instead of opening, it just crashes. Worse, no amount of restarting the computer or creating a new user can seem to address the issue. Below are some helpful fixes and tips you could try.


Clear Your Movie Preferences

One way of resolving the problem is to clear your movie preferences. To do this, just hold down both the Option and the command key as you click iMovie open. A window should pop up asking if you want to get your move preferences reset. All you need to do is select yes and the app should now be accessible.


Temporary Solution

An alternative solution would be to go to finder on your computer and then go to Applications. From there, look for iMovie and right click on it to show the option Show Package Contents. Afterwards, select Mac OS and then click the iMovie option to launch it.


For Current Projects

If you are working on a project when the app crashed, the best way to access it is to use the temporary solution. The file you’re working on should be saved in a new location before you go ahead and clear your movie preferences. The reason for doing this is to ensure that your current project will not end up getting corrupted in the process. This is especially helpful for users with the iMovie 10.0.5 version.


iMovie is the perfect avenue for creative individuals that want to make their own personalized homes movies. While it is not a perfect app and does have issues every once in a while, the key is knowing what to do when this happens. With the quick fixes provided above, you’ll know exactly what to do the next time it crashes.

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