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Mac Keeps on Freezing? Safari Could Be The Cause

This is incredibly important; Safari could cause your Mac device to become unresponsive and frozen. This is quite serious as a lot of people have talked about their experience with Safari causing their device to freeze. Here I will explain the issue as well as the ways to stop it from happening again.

Do You Have Safari?

Have you tried using Safari on your Mac device? People opt out of Safari on a lot of devices as browsers like Google Chrome can be less faulty. But, if you do have Safari and use it a lot, then be careful; it can cause your device to freeze.

You do not have to stop using Safari though, so do not worry. If you enjoy using Safari despite what is happening, then there are ways to help solve the issue.

The Issue with Safari on Mac Devices:

Many customers have claimed that, when they open Safari, their Mac device completely freezes and becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it does not freeze until after you are on a website and are scrolling, and, when it does freeze, the keyboard stops working as well as the screen.

Mac prides itself in not crashing as much as other computers, so it can be quite frustrating for people that expect the best out of them. However, nothing is perfect and accidents are going to happen. So, if Safari causes your device to freeze, here is how to fix it.

How to Fix:

While this may be frustrating, it is not permanent. There are ways to fix this and I will display all of them here in this very article. There are three ways to help fix the issue caused by Safari:

Plan A:

The first fix for this issue is by force quitting Safari, and is more temporary than the others, but can still be helpful.

  • Open up the “Apple Menu” and click on the “Force Quit” option. OR

  • Press the Option-Command button and escape at the same time.

  • Then, once the popup appears, click on the unresponsive Safari app and choose to force quit it instantly.

Plan B:

This second way involves “Debugging” Safari.

  • Close the Safari app

  • Open the Terminal App by going through the Applications and Utilities options

  • Enter the command: defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

  • Relaunch Safari and look for the “Debug” menu bar that should not be visible on the screen

  • Click on the “Debug” option and choose “Compositing Flags”

  • Choose two options: Disable Canvas Accelerated Drawing and Disable Full Page Accelerated Drawing

Plan C:

Finally, you can try to restart the device and then reboot it.

  • Turn your device off completely

  • Power it back on

  • Hold Shift until you hear the sound of something booting up

  • Once the Apple logo appears, let go of the keys and try to reopen Safari

These are not full proof, but they have helped plenty of people and are worth trying. Hopefully one of them helps fix Safari for your device so you can continue to use the browser for whatever you may need it for.


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