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How To Remove Advanced Mac Cleaner virus from Mac OS X

The Advanced Mac Cleaner is this annoying virus that constantly pops up on your computer and tells you that you’re experiencing so many issues that needs to be acted upon because it’s the reason why your computer seems to be performing slower than it should.

You will be informed of so many alarming issues and they will inform you that these things are taking too much space on your hard drive and are required to be deleted for your computer to enhance the performance or to fix the issues that stops it from performing better. These pop-ups are alarming because they state that the reported items are over a 1000, which should alarm any user, even if their Mac is newly tuned or is brand new.

How Did You Acquire This Virus?

You might have acquired this virus unknowingly. Installing free tools like FileZilla might lead you to unintentionally download this fake optimizer without you knowing and even updating the Adobe Flash Player from unauthorized sites may cause you this virus as the consequences.

A setup wizard will pop up and ask if you want to install the extra app that will boost your Mac’s performing; some are wise enough to reject this pop up but then again, sometimes it doesn’t even pop up and the application you’ve downloaded will simply automatically add the Advanced Mac Cleaner if it isn’t unchecked from the bundle you’re installing.

A user may be unaware that this malware has been installed into the system and would only be informed when a pop-up that says “Issues may include duplicate files, system & internet junk, rogue software & recoverable drive space. Fix and enjoy a performance boost” after the line that specifies the number of issues found.

If the user chooses to ‘Start Repair’ will take you to a solution that this fake application offers but will require you to pay for the repair because the cleaning will be a paid service. With that said, the program is obviously scamming the user to pay for a cleaning service for junk files that may not even exist which would mean that getting rid of this accidentally installed program is the best choice the user is going to make.

Beware of The Other Affiliated Software Scams

It also have other affiliated software scams that it will try to promote like the Mac Adware Cleaner and it has the audacity to hijack the default browser and redirect it to a page that advertises the licensed version of the software or another system utility like it. It can also redirect you to browser viruses and adware apps will persistently affect your web-surfing.

Step by step removal of the Advanced Mac Cleaner

  1. Open the Utilities
  2. Find the Activity Monitor and double click it.
  3. From the Activity Monitor, look for the entry for the Advance Mac Cleaner. Click on this and then select Quit Process.
  4. A window will pop up and ask if you are sure to process with the quit process. Choose Force Quit.
  5. Head to Go button again and choose Applications this time. Look for the Advance Mac Cleaner on the interface again. Right click it and then select Move to Trash. If it requires user password, simply input your password.
  6. Go to Apple Menu and pick the System’s Preference
  7. Choose Accounts and then choose the Login Items. The OS will give you a list of items that launched. Look for the Advanced Mac Cleaner and then choose the ““ button.

Automatic Tool that Completely Uninstalls the Virus

  1. MacBooster is said to provide optimization and security to your Mac. Before decidedly deleting or uninstalling the Advance Mac Cleaner, use this application to check your computer for other risks and performance issues that have been slowing down your computer. To do this, hit the Scan
  2. You can then proceed to the Uninstaller Look for the Advance Mac Cleaner from the Applications list and with the use of the MacBooster. This application can completely remove every component of the Advance Mac Cleaner that has been installed on your Mac. Click on the Uninstall in the bottom part of the GUI. By doing this, all of the components of the software virus and the remainders of it, will be removed from your system- the ones that haven’t been removed in the manual process of uninstalling it- and your system will be cleaned up of the virus thoroughly.


The Macbooster is the official application in Mac that can remove help the user clean 20 types of junk files, remove any malware and virus programs that have been unknowingly installed into your system and it provides security to your Mac from any of these said program virus that seem to be lurking around in the internet that the user unknowingly falls prey of. It optimizes the Mac’s hard disk so the Mac’s performance can be boosted to its peak performance.

Having this application in your Mac should come in handy considering that there are a lot of dangers in the internet that most people usually fall prey of whenever they download or install ‘free’ programs. The Macbooster will secure your Mac from all of this and protect your computer.


The Advance Mac Cleaner malware is just one of the many viruses that a user can acquire from the internet by downloading or installing software from the internet that are considered free but actually do come with a price, viruses. Keep in mind that it’s always better to acquire the official product by purchasing it to avoid any of these annoying viruses that will only slow down the performance of your system.

Always ensure that your Mac is devoid of any said viruses by avoiding any unnecessary downloads or installing free software that can automatically install the virus into your system without you even knowing it. Be sure that your Mac is secured and protected.

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