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How To Use Airplay- How to Use It On Your TV or Mac

In our modern world, a lot of our communication and connections to each other comes from the things we see on the internet, songs, or with visual images. Many companies use phones, tablet, and TVs to make displaying their ideas easier. Showing one or two people a video from phone is easy-but to a crowd-not so much.

There are many ways to send a video, article or link to anyone, but sometimes it is necessary or more convenient for everyone to see it together. In our wonderful age of technology, we have a great feature at our fingertips. With a couple of taps, we can easily project our phone or tablet screen on a television or computer. It has become easier and faster than ever to share things in a more magnified way.

The Airplay feature is widely used and very convenient. Have you ever wanted to show your friends something from your phone on a bigger screen? Have you wanted to give a presentation at work using just your phone and the television? Airplay allows you to project your screen onto a television or computer.

Sometimes using new features can be confusing or complicated. You can use the tips and general information here to help you use Airplay Mirroring.

What Do You Need?

  • If you are trying to Airplay from a tablet, you’ll need at least an iPad 2 or any version after. These tablets are compatible for Airplay.
  • An Apple TV is needed for Airplay to work on a television. The Apple TV must be a second generation TV or more current.
  • Any desktop iMacs Models 12,1 or later are compatible for Airplay as well.
  • The MacBook Pro models 8,1 or later work for Airplay.

How Do You Use Airplay?

  • On the app you want to project from, click the symbol that looks like a TV with a triangle at the bottom of it (Note: it may also look like a signal symbol with a triangle at the bottom of it).
  • Next, a list of devices will pop up. Choose the device you desire (ex. Jane’s iPad, Apple TV etc.…).
  • The app’s features such as the images, video, or audio should start playing/mirroring from your device.

How to Disconnect from Airplay Once You’re Done?

After enjoying this new feature, perhaps you’d like your screen to stop mirroring. Disconnecting your cellphone or iPad is easily done in a couple of steps.

  • Go into the app you are currently mirroring.
  • Click the symbol that looks like a TV with a triangle at the bottom.
  • Click on your device with the check mark symbol next to it.

Doing so should disconnect you from mirroring your screen.

What If I Cannot Find My Device in The Airplay List?

There could be a number of reasons for this, but most can be fixed easily or simply.

  • Turn your device off and on. Sometimes our devices need a refresher.
  • Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. This is a requirement for Airplay. It will not work if it is not on the same network.
  • Update the device to the most current software. At times, having the software up to date can ensure that the Airplay feature works quickly and seamlessly.
  • Check that both devices used for mirroring are both connected to Wi-Fi.
  • If you cannot hear any audio, check both devices to make sure the volume is up.

Once you get used to the Airplay feature, sharing and mirroring your screen will become much easier. You’ll be able to have the convenience of using this new feature wherever and whenever you need it.

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