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View Your Saved iPhone Wi-Fi Passwords by Using Your Mac

Many of us rarely remember the passwords to our Wi-Fi networks, unless it was customized to something that’s easy to remember. However, many people just use the default router password and just forget about it later on, until they need it again.

For these individuals, retrieving this password can be a hassle sometimes. For instance, have you ever had a guest over who wanted to connect to your home network but you simply didn’t remember the Wi-Fi password off the top of your head? We’ve all been there, but there is some hope so that this doesn’t happen again.

What Kind of Solution Is There?

Fortunately for Mac users, there is a solution out there that makes viewing your previously saved network passwords. This makes it easy to access for those important situations like the one that was just mentioned.

In order to do this, we will be using Apple’s iCloud storage feature, specifically the Keychain option. Keychain allows you to sync and view your passwords between your Apple devices, especially on your Mac computer. A Mac computer is probably the best choice for this because it’s already connected to your network and it’s already at your home or office being ready to use.

By following these steps, we will lay out instructions for you so you can view your saved Wi-Fi passwords whether they were used in the past or present. These steps will be broken down into two sections; one involves enabling options on your iPhone, and the other shows you how to access the passwords on your Mac.

Sync Your iPhone Passwords to Your Mac

Before we begin, this step requires you to currently have access to your Mac computer. Make sure it’s ready! We will be syncing the passwords from the iPhone to the Mac with these steps.

  1. In your iPhone Settings go to iCloud then to Keychain

  2. Enable iCloud Keychain if it’s currently off.

  3. Return to your Settings and go to Personal Hotspot. Turn this on.

  4. Connect your Mac computer to the hotspot generated by your iPhone. You should be able to see it on your Wi-Fi networks.

  5. Once you are successfully connected, the process of syncing your iPhone passwords to your Mac computer’s keychain will begin.

View Your Passwords on Your Mac

Now that we’ve finished syncing, your iPhone has completed its role in these steps. Now you need to follow these steps in order to retrieve your passwords on your Mac.

  1. Open up Keychain Access. You can do this through two different ways. You can either go to Spotlight and enter Keychain Access, or you can go through Launchpad. In Launchpad, you can find Keychain Access in the “Other” folder.

  2. In Keychain Access, search for the specific network that you want to retrieve your Wi-Fi password for.

  3. When you double-click on the network, a window should appear that contains information about this network.

  4. In this window, check the box that says Show Password.

  5. Type in your Administrator Credentials. Once these are entered, select “Allow”.

  6. Congratulations! You should now be able to view the password.

If this was your first time using iCloud, you’ve probably noticed by now that it is very useful. While we used it just for syncing your passwords to your Apple products this time around, the iCloud feature is good for syncing all kinds of data between your devices. This includes things such as music, photos, and other documents. The iCloud Keychain feature is just one aspect of the storage tool; try taking advantage of its other benefits!

We certainly hope that this guide was helpful in allowing you to get your network password. Now, instead of needing to look at your router settings, you can have this password conveniently stored on your Mac computer, making it easy to access whenever you need it.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

If you ever had a situation where you needed to know your password but didn’t know it right away, you should let everyone know your story in the comments section down below. Perhaps this wasn’t your first time using iCloud, feel free to let us know how this feature has helped you out as well.


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