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Best Way To Open / Edit .Pages File On a Windows PC

Editing pages file can be quite hectic for individuals who do not know of the straightforward and easy to follow procedure for completing the task. Nowadays, people are using both Mac and Windows to complete their working tasks or other activities. For Mac users, it is easy to open .docx or .doc files through Pages for Mac. Unfortunately, MS Word does not identify .pages files. The windows users have a hard time trying to open or edit the .pages files. However, this article provides easy steps through which the users can open and edit the .Pages Files on Windows.

Pages is an excellent word processor that enables you to set-up quality documents through the use of iCloud. The processor is a product from Apple, but it is compatible with MS Word. Thus iCloud has the potential to collaborate and work with other operating systems to create and edit documents. Pages provides a platform where Windows PC users can edit or create documents.

Opening .Pages Files on a PC can be difficult compared to using a macOS. It is not an issue of double-clicking and opening or editing the file. However, there are simple to understand procedures on how one can use a PC and complete the process. Users who do not have an Apple gadget can utilize iCloud. Pages was incorporated in the iCloud website in 2015. The Microsoft users have a chance to open or edit their documents using the iCloud site. iCloud supports browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer from a windows PC.

It is possible for any individual using the listed browsers to upload their documents to Pages from any gadget that supports iCloud. The only requirement is access to an Apple ID. With the ID, it is easy to open edit or reexport .pages files as easy to read word documents on the regular windows PC.

Process for opening or editing the .Pages Files

  1. Open the supported browser on your PC and visit iCloud.com
  2. Sign in using the Apple ID. For a person who does not have the ID it is easy to create one. After signing up for the ID, the user gets up to 5GB free iCloud storage space. The space is crucial for creating and editing the .pages files.
  3. After signing in, click on Pages.
  4. Click on the settings icon and choose upload document. A window pops up and you are expected to identify the .Pages File you wish to edit and upload it.
  5. After opening, you have two alternatives.
  1. Open and edit the file in the browser using a web version that supports ipages. The version may not have all the components of a .Pages app or Microsoft app but it can assist one to edit the .pages files.
  2. Re-export the file in a format of a word-friendly document. Open it in MS Word on the windows PC. To open it in MS Word, click on Tools icon, click download copy and choose word. The selected file is re-exported as a .docx file, pdf, pub, or pages. This way it is available for download on the Windows PC.

The document should start downloading and can be opened or edited in MS Word. It is that simple and I believe that the process is easy to follow and complete for the Windows users.


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