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Connection Insecure Mail App: Unable to Access/Add Email Accounts

Recently, some Mac users have reported experiencing problems connecting to their email accounts, like Yahoo or Gmail. The error message says, “Connection Insecure: Failed to verify the server certificate. This could be because of your network configuration or proxy settings.” This same message may also occur if you are trying to send or receive any emails because the Mail app might not be fully connected to your email account.

What Causes This Error?

Although the error says that it is due to network or proxy settings, users have actually said that this error occurs when there are not any issues with the network or proxy setting to be found. Instead, it tends to be another issue on your computer blocking you from using your Mail app.

How to Fix The “Connection Insecure” Error?

While there are other ways to continue accessing your email online, it is much simpler and faster in many cases to just use your Mail app. But if this error keeps occurring, it will make it useless and will waste your time. There are three different methods that you can try to fix your Mail app and to stop receiving this error on your Mac.

1. Double-check Your Network/Proxy Setting

While some users have found that this error can occur without having these errors, it is in your best interests to check it quickly once again. This will save you some time and energy from trying the next methods and then finding out the error message was true after all.

2. Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus Software.

Sometimes the antivirus software on your computer can cause this error to occur. Turn off your antivirus software and then try relaunching the Mail app. If that ends up not working, keep scrolling down.

3. Expired/Revoked SSL Certificates

In some cases, having expired or revoked SSL certificates can cause this error to occur. In this situation, you have to find the certificates and then remove them. Here is how to do it:

  • Launch “Keychain Access” by going to “Applications” then “Utilities.”
  • Click on “My Certificates
  • Find the expired/revoked certificates. Any of these types of certificates will have a red X symbol on next to them. You should also search for any certificates that have a red X that say that the certificate “was signed by an untrusted issue/unknown authority.” Then you delete them from your computer
  • Once this has been finished, restart your Mail app.


These are the two options users have found that have helped to resolve this error. I can only ask that you double-check your network or proxy settings before doing these things, although it never hurts to get rid of unnecessary data.

If you do have a network or proxy error, that makes the rest of the process pointless. So hopefully these methods have worked for you and you can now use your Mail app again. Let us know how they worked for you!

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