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How To Remove Safe Finder virus from Mac in Safari, Chrome & Firefox

The term, computer virus, has gone by different names over time. However, the meaning never changed. A computer virus is a parasitic software that duplicates itself by manipulating your computer program and codes. The malicious software inserts a new code that benefits its ‘dirty job.’


Furthermore, every altered part of the computer system, by a computer virus, is referred to as ‘infected.’ One of the many viruses that affect the computer system is Safe Finder. This article is intended to reveal the causes, solutions, and many more.

What is Safe Finder?


Safe Finder is a virus that abducts your control over your browser on your system. It can simply be called ‘a browser hijacker.’


Safe Finder is an obnoxious malware and a bit difficult to remove. Once it finds its way to your system, it takes inevitable sole control of your system. The malicious software also alters your DNS settings by modifying it on the affected Mac OS X boxes. With Safe Finder in your system, browsing any other sites asides from search.safefinder.com would be difficult.


Over time, computer bugs like Safe Finder have breached the malware-free Macs’ reputation. The malware above changes its scapegoat’s homepage to search.safefinder.com. Browser applications such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome are at risk of the parasite’s manipulations.


The most annoying part of this malware is probably its capability to redirect you to another web page. It’s like one minute you are surfing your favorite website, and the next, you got redirected to a likely corrupted site. Yes, the malware is powerful enough to do that without your permission.


Safe Finder appears under the disguise of a search engine and worms its way into your Mac system. If you try to read the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, even your anti-virus app alerts you. The malware is not safe, and you should always ignore it.


What is the source of the Safe Finder virus?


Safe Finder adware has a clever way of getting into your system. Although the source of the malware is usually difficult to detect, there are speculations. The big problem is that most internet users are careless with the sites they visit and the apps they download.


Nevertheless, the malware is an extremely stealthy virus. Where internet users lack in being cautious, the malware doubles its ability to be sneaky. Sometimes, even with the Advanced Mac Cleaner, it can skip detection.


There is a possibility that the parasite could be concealed in a spam-email that you negligently clicked open. Furthermore, the bug can infect your Mac OS if you fail to be cautious about installing the malware. Another presumable assumption is that you installed a freeware from an untrusted website.


It would be a cakewalk for hackers to include the bug in the freeware, so it’s left to you to be careful. Living in oblivion isn’t bliss when it comes to computer viruses because being sneaky is every hacker’s forte. It is advisable always to apply general principles while browsing to minimize cyber safety jeopardy.


How to eliminate Safe Finder virus


Most internet users do not practice safe browsing. This is the reason that people are often subjected to seeking solutions after overriding the prevention process.


To eliminate the virus, you must start with the restoration of the victim-web-browser settings that was assaulted by search.safefinder.com virus. The following steps are essential for this process:


  1. Restore Safari browser to its default settings:
  • Open the Safari browser.
  • Access the safari menu.
  • Go to the pop-down menu and select ‘Reset Safari.’
  • Ensure that each box on your interface is clicked.
  • Lastly, click the ‘Reset’ button.


  1. Restore Mozilla Firefox to its default settings:
  • Open Firefox browser.
  • Hit the ‘Customize and Control Google Chrom’ menu button.
  • Select ‘Options’ to access a new window.
  • Click ‘Under the hood’ tab.
  • Lastly, select ‘reset to default settings’ icon.


  1. Restore Internet Explorer (9,10 & 11) to its default settings:
  • Open internet explorer browser
  • Hit the asterisk menu located at the top-right corner.
  • Click ‘Internet options’ from the presented list.
  • Choose ‘Advanced tab.’
  • Select ‘Reset icon.’
  • Click ‘Delete personal settings.’
  • Lastly, click ‘Reset.’


  1. Restore Google Chrome to its default settings:
  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Click ‘Help – Troubleshooting Information.’ A page will open this step
  • Afterward, select the ‘Reset Firefox’ icon.


Eliminate Safe Finder virus from Mac Control Panel


The control panel gives you the freedom to remove malware such as Safe Finder on your Windows and Mac. It offers a lot of other options, but we will only discuss how to remove the Safe Finder virus from the Mac control panel.


Here are the must-steps to follow:


  • Go to the Safe Finder sidebar.
  • Click Applications.
  • In the case that the malware has an Uninstaller, double-click it and adhere to the following directions.
  • Under different circumstances, hold Safe Finder icon from Applications file. Drop it into the Trash positioned at the bottom of the Dock.
  • Lastly, empty Trash.


Furthermore, use the recommendable disinfectant for Mac which is the Freshmac app. It will eliminate all the remaining infected data possibly remaining from the Safe Finder add-on. Find out more below.


Eradication of Safe Finder add-on from your browsers


Even after resetting the browser to its default settings, some libraries and data might linger in your Mac. You can discard the persisting extensions with the Freshmac app. The antimalware app provides security and necessary modules for Mac optimization.


The Freshmac app does the following for Mac:


  • It automatically uninstalls irrelevant applications.
  • It cleans lingering bugs.
  • It clears disk space.
  • It suppresses boot time by managing startup apps.
  • It eradicates tracking cookies and keeps your privacy safe.
  • It offers consistent tech support.


After installing the Freshmac app on your Mac, then proceed with the following steps:


  • The app automatically scrutinizes available languages, cache, trash, logs, and locates privacy issues on your Mac.
  • Select the ‘Fix Safely’ icon that pops up with the show of present system health condition.
  • Confirm if the Safe Finder bug has been eliminated. If not, select the ‘Uninstaller’ button located in the Freshmac GUI. Decipher the undesirable application and reselect the ‘Fix Safely’ icon to force-delete it.
  • Lastly, choose ‘Temp & Startup Apps’ on your interface and remove all residual data and libraries.




With all the techniques mentioned above, you shouldn’t have any issues with the malware anymore. Apply whichever method for the particular browser that you use, get an immediate permanent solution.


By utilizing the elimination technique for your Mac, you will be freeing every infected area from the virus. Good luck doctor!

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