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Error 400-2, 400-1 on Apple TV- How to Fix It

The advancement of technology as the years progress is astounding and familiar companies have been stepping up their game year after year. With the introduction of Apple TV by everyone’s favourite brand, it became a game changer. One of the channels that Apple TV features every kid’s favorite: Disney.

But there’s been a problem that most users have faced. The error 400-2 and 400-1 doesn’t give the user access to channels by Disney like Disney Junior, Disney HD, and Disney Channel. Rather than the channel working, user not authorized will be what you see which is error 400-1.

If deleting the cache or uninstalling and reinstalling still doesn’t work, then maybe it’s time for the troubleshooting to begin.

Solution 1: Unplugging the Power Cord and HDMI Cable

  • Unplug the HDMI and power cable from your Apple TV.
  • Leave it unplugged for about fifteen minutes.
  • Plug the cables back in after the fifteen minutes have passed.
  • Choose the “Disney channel” you want to play. Press Activate.

Solution 2: Reset the Settings

  • Turn on your Apple TV.
  • Go to the “settings” app on the TV.
  • Click “General” > “Reset” > “Reset all settings”.
  • Everything will reset after doing this which means that you have to input your Wi-Fi again.

Solution 3: Sign out of your account and sign back in

  • Open “Settings” on your Disney Channel.
  • Sign out and wait a few seconds before you sign back in again.
  • Sign back in with your Service ID like Comcast Xfinity ID.

Solution 4: Restart your Apple TV

Using the Remote:

  • With Apple TV remote or Siri remote, press and hold “menu button” until the light flashes on your Apple TV.
  • With the white/aluminum Apple TV remote, press and hold menu button until light flashes.

Using Settings:

  • If you have an earlier version of the Apple TV (3rd generation or earlier), then go to “settings” > “general” > “restart”.
  • If you have the 4K or 4th generation Apple TV, go to “settings” > “system” > “restart”.

Solution 5: Include the Channel in Cable Plan

  • Add the channel to your cable plan to get rid of the problem. It might explain why you can’t include it to your cable plan is because you haven’t added it in.

Solution 6: Update the Latest Software

  • If you got the 4th generation Apple TV, go to “settings” > “system” > “software updates” > “update software”.
  • If there’s an update available, choose “download and install”. Make sure you Apple TV stays plugged until the update is complete.
  • The TV will restart after the update.
  • You can set the settings into an automatic update whenever there’s new software available to download. Go to “settings” > “system” > “software updates” > “automatic update”.

You can try all the solutions written down since there are seven for you to choose from. In the fourth solution, if the TV doesn’t restart still, switch off the power of your Apple TV and wait ten seconds until you switch it back on.

But you can also get the DisneyNow channel since it’s the new channel that Disney made that includes all the three other channels that it has, combining them altogether for a less hassle viewing. Considering that Disney has offered combined channels, this might be the solution that you’re also looking for if the ones listed above don’t work.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to help you troubleshoot your issue with this error in your Apple TV and until then, have a good time watching your favorite channels.

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