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How to Make a Genius Bar Reservation

The best things about being an Apple customer is being able to get a lots of tech support. A few of the customer support alternatives are through email, phone or live chat support. However, when you have a hardware issue such as water damage, a broken screen among others, you may need to get a one-on-one support form an Apple specialist.

The genius bar is a tech support where operators who are having problems with their Apple products get tech support. Geniuses who are Genius Bar specialist help customers who have Apple software and hardware problems. Some of the many problems can be solved by operators on their own by using some clear instructions.

Making an appointment

If you want to get help from Genius Bars, you must make an appointment in advance since Apple stores are always busy. You can make an appointment online before you come in the store. Apple has of late changed genius bar appointments making the process of getting expert help in person frustrating and confusing. This article makes easier for you on how to make a Genius Bar appointment.

How Apple is offering customer support

Nowadays Apple is mainly offering support via phone calls or live online chat. There are 2 different ways to do this: you can either use the Apple Store app or make an appointment through the Apple web site support.

Using Genius Bar appointments & Apple Support App

This is the simplest way and you can follow the following steps.

1. Go to the Apple Support app and open.

2. Click Get Support.

3. Choose your device. When you select the product you need assistance in, a set of topics displays. However, you should note that a few issues will just let you get assistance through live chats or phone calls sessions. For this article purposes, we choose iPhone X &then Repairs, physical damage and “Buttons not working”.

4. Click to bring Repair, finding location, followed by time and date then click on tap Reserve. This will make your reservation.

5. The response will probably be that you do not have any reservations reason being that you’re trying reservation making. Tap find a store to create a new booking.

Genius bar appointment through the website

You can get an appointment through the Apple’s support website without having to download and install an app. Here are steps on how you can achieve this.

1. Visit the Apple’s Genius web site. (URL: https://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/)

2. Scroll down and tap the Get hardware assistance

3. Select the service, which you require assistance with. A number of common topics will be shown when you select the product you need assistance with. Choose the category which most likely matches the assistance you need. We have selected iPhone for this article purposes then repairs and Physical Damages & “Buttons not functioning”

4. Tap on repairs and then Physical and now select the issues you are having or otherwise select “Topic not listed” option. Explain the issue you are having if you select the “Topic not listed”, then tap continue.

5. Tap on “Bring in for Repair”

6. You’ll be required to enter some details that is Apple ID and your password.

7. Select where you are located. You may search by name or zip code city. You may as well browse all retail stores available. Search the Apple Store closest to you, which you can go and seek for assistance.

8. Select the time and the date that you want to go.

9. Then the last step is to confirm your reservation.

Your Genius Bar booking has been confirmed for the store. You will receive a confirmation message from Apple for your appointment. The appointment details are listed there with your appointment confirmation for the store, date as well with time you selected.

Appointment modification Options

You may decide to modify your appointment by postponing or canceling your reservation. If in any case, you wish to cancel or reschedule your reservation, tap Cancel or Reschedule. To make any changes later, you can click the options by going to the confirmation email. Before you pay a visit, don’t forget to back up your device.

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