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How to Fix: Netflix is Currently Unavailable Try Again Later Error

Some people have a Netflix subscription that they want to watch on their Apple TV. Whenever they try to access their Netflix, they receive a message saying that Netflix is Not Available. If you are one of these people and you are searching for a fix, then you are on the right page.

Note that the error message can simply be because of problems regarding your internet connection.

Solutions for Netflix Error on Apple TV

1st Solution: Restart Your Apple TV

On your direction pad, press and hold the Down Button and the Menu Button simultaneously. Wait until the Apple TV Flashes before releasing the buttons of the pad.

This will restart your Apple TV. Try to access Netflix after restarting to see if this method works.

2nd Solution: Try to Open Netflix Again

Go to the Settings of your Apple TV. Select the General Option and choose Restart. Restart Netflix.

You can do this step when Netflix is down and just needs restarting.

3rd Solution:

Type the following numbers: or depending on your internet service provider. The typing will prompt the activation of your network broadband settings.

While you are on your broadband settings screen, search for the IPv6.

Disable the IPv6 if it is on.

Try to Restart your Apple TV afterward

4th Solution: Update your Apple TV’s Firmware

Go to the Settings of your Apple TV

Select the General option

Choose Software Updates

Click on the Update Software Automatically

Download the Update and Install It

Other Things You Can Do

Try to sign in into your Netflix account using your computer. Make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi of the same network. If you see an error on the Netflix site, then you can try to stream again at a later time.


Netflix problem can be caused by Apple TV or if the Netflix site is down. You may want to contact Netflix’s or Apple’s customer service if you want further help. If you know about other solutions, then you can add them to the comment section.

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