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Siri Not Working? How To Troubleshoot Problems And Possible Fixes…

A number of iOS users have reported problems with the “Siri” function not working in the expected fashion. We are going to help you address some of the more common issues people have been experiencing with Siri in this article.

Speech Interpretation & Recognition Interface, known as “Siri” is meant to be the personal assistant of the iOS. Siri was released by Apple as part of iOS 5 (Apple iPhone 4s), and at the time one of the biggest new features for that generation of iPhone.

Siri is a voice activated system that allows the iOS (Apple) to respond to simple voice commands in order to operate certain functions of the Apple device hands free. Such as asking Siri to find the nearest grocery store.

Users that have most commonly experienced issues with Siri have uploaded/updated the iOS software that adds Siri.

Some of the problems users are experiencing include;

  • Siri may not actually work hands free
  • Siri may not work with a headset
  • Siri may not work with Bluetooth

If Siri is not working properly, here are some of the more frequent resolutions.

Tips on Troubleshooting

  • Double check that Siri is actually on –

This could easily be the problem and can easily be fixed:

    • Settings > General > Restrictions
    • Turn on or allow Siri
    • Turn your device off for 10 seconds and restart, if Siri was off this function should now work
  • Turn Siri Off and On
    • Settings > General > Restrictions
    • Turn Siri Off, wait 5 seconds
    • Turn Siri on
    • Try Siri again
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection

For Siri to function properly there should be a good Wi-Fi or cellular connection. If you are experiencing problems with your network, you may want to reference this article.

Try the following tips as well:

    • Restart your device (iPad or IPhone)
    • Restart the router you are accessing Wi-Fi for your device from (if possible)
    • Reset the Network Settings
      • Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

It is worth noting, Siri may not work properly without a decent Internet connection. There may be no overcoming a slow network for a number or iOS functions, not just Siri.

  • Does your device have the latest iOS update?

So may apps and functions can be affected if you are not allowing your device the time it needs to update and keep all systems running properly. Although it never seems like a convenient time when the update reminder pops up on your device screen, it can avoid a headache like Siri suddenly not functioning when needed the most.

Check to make sure you have the latest iOS;

    • Settings > General > Software Update (if there is nothing there, you have the latest update)

If there is an update available for our device, this is how to update;

    • Settings > General > Software Update > Download and then install
  • Can Siri hear your voice? Is the microphone on and working?

Siri is a voice command feature, if the phone cannot detect your voice for whatever reason, Siri will not respond properly. The quickest way to determine if this is the issue is to record a short video with sound, play it back and check to see if you can hear the sound. If so, then Siri should be able to hear you clearly as well. If your microphone test was not successful, here are some possible problems;

    • Perhaps your protective case is covering the microphone, try removing the case
    • Try cleaning the microphone are and making sure there is no debris clogging the holes. This can be done very gently with compressed air or a with a dry soft bristle tooth brush.
  • Turn Siri off, turn your device off, re=start your device and turn Siri back on

Sometimes a good all around re-set will do the trick.

  • Settings > General > Siri > Toggle Off
  • Turn off device by holding down the Home switch and the off/on switch at the same time
  • Wait ten seconds
  • Turn on the device by holding down the off/on switch until the Power slide appears
  • Slide the power slide
  • Settings > General > Siri > Toggle On
  • Make sure you and Siri are speaking the same language

To make sure that you have the correct language setting for Siri, check the following;

  • Settings > General > Siri > Language and select the correct language for you

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that you are in fact supposed to have Siri on the device you are using. Siri is available on the following devices and iOS’:

  • iPhone 4S and later
  • iPad Pro & iPad Air
  • iPad (3rd Generation)
  • iPad Mini’s
  • iPad Touch (5th & later)

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