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How to Fix: This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later

If you are trying to install your MacOS or OS X and receiving an error message, you might want to try a fix first before calling for technical help. Some users reported that they received the following message “This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later” on their own Mac device.

The error shows after several users tried to enter their Apple ID.

If you are having this same problem, and you are unable to install the new macOS update or OS X, then the following can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Steps on Fixing the error: “This item is temporarily available.”

Please start by going through each of the steps until the issue is fully resolved.

1. Keep in mind that you have to use the same Apple ID when you originally installed your macOS. Please note that users experience this problem because they have a different Apple ID signed in to their Mac. Try to change the one signed in to the one you think is the original Apple ID. If you don’t have access to the original because you bought a second-hand computer, please proceed to step 4.

2. The wrong time and date on the computer can cause the error. This can be fixed by holding down the Command and R button on your keyboard. You will then see a screen that says MacOS Utilities. Select the Utilities tab from the menu. On the top of the screen, choose the Terminal option. In the “terminal”, you can set the date and time manually by entering a command string.

To enter the command screen, you can enter a command string that looks like this: date: 100710502018. This means that the current date is October 07, 2018 at 10:50 in the morning. Close the terminal after setting up the date and time. Try to install your software update again and see if it works.

3. You can also experience the error when your Apple ID is not linked to any Mac Operating System. You can easily resolve this issue by going online. Go to the “utilities” tab and click on get help online. This will open a browser and the web on your computer. Make sure that you are connected to the internet. Go to icloud.com. Enter your Apple ID and the correct password. Afterwards, go back to the installation screen on your utilities window and try the installation again.

4. Another problem can occur when your Mac is trying to install an OS that was already installed in your computer. However, the download was not successfully completed. This can happen especially if you have a second-hand computer.

You can try the following steps in fixing this: Turn off your Mac computer. Restart your computer and select Internet Recovery Mode. To do this, you can simply do the following: Press and hold the Command button, Option, and R after you hear the startup sound.

Only take your hands off the keys when you see a Staring Internet Recovery globe icon on your screen. You will also see a message that “This could take a while.” As mentioned, the startup recovery mode can take a few minutes. The next step is to connect to a wireless internet network. Choose the available Wi-Fi connection inside your house.

Afterwards, the Mac will download the Apple servers’ recovery system image. Your Mac computer will automatically reboot. Choose the install MacOS option. The version that you will install is the very first or factory pre – uploaded operating system during the Mac’s time of purchase. After doing this, you can try to install the new OS again.


Getting the latest version of MacOS is very important. You won’t be able to run programs if you don’t have the latest MacOS release. If all else fails, you can always get a technician from Apple to fix everything for you.


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