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How to Turn On and Use the Safari Favorites Bar On iPad

Still appreciating Steve Jobs, is the Safari web browser which was earlier internet explorer. Safari was developed by Apple Inc. It is made available for downloading free of charge. Safari come with vast features, where some of them are developed specifically for particular operating systems and platforms.

Some of the features entail: saving web pages, top sites, support for the HTML 5, favorites bar among other interesting development features. Email web page is one of the features that are supported by Mac OS X only. All these features are essential to the users of the browser.

We have discussed one of the striking feature of safari web browser, in this article to put you in a better place of utilizing the web browser basically on iPad. IPads boast a wide screen of display which make the browsing experience even better. Apparently, statistics indicate that Safari web browser is the most used application on iPad. As a result, the popularity of iPads has risen over tablets.

The Favorite Bar

Ideally, the favorites bar is a one tap access bar where you can save your favorite web pages. It is located just below the address bar at the top on your screen. The favorites bar is our main focus. We reveal to you the great things that are featured in the favorites bar, which you may have not known.

How Would You Enable the Favorites Bar On Safari Using iPad?

In your iPad, tap the setting application in order to open it. A sidebar would appear to the right side of the iPad. On the safari settings page that appears, you would see a variety of options. In this options, scroll down until you notice the “show favorites bar” option. You will realize a green touch button on that option. Tap the green touch button which would turn white when it is on. You would notice the favorites bar once you have followed this process. Apple suggests a few links for you before you add your own favorite sites. It is now at your disposal. You may choose to keep the default sites or change them to your preference.

Editing Sites On the Favorites Bar

When editing the web sites on safari web page, you need to tap or select bookmarks, which can be located to the right side of the address you are currently using. You will be able to see the favorites touch button. The favorites button will lead you to a place which you will be able to edit. The edit touch button is right at the bottom of the screen. Tap to the left of any site that you would like changed. This would remove the site. When you tap then hold the slide control and drag it towards the right side of a site, you would either move it down or upward. On moving the site name, hit the New folder which would let you add a new folder that you would save a group of your favorite sites.

Organizing Sites On Safari

When you have successfully added a new folder to the safari web page, it might be a wish that you want to arrange them in a way that you would find or access them easily. This means you would have to reorganize them. Well, bringing order to safari is easy. You may choose one among the two ways to move the favorites. Either through the safari side bar or the favorites bar. When using the favorites bar, simply tap on the folder you want moved, and drag it to your preferred location. The other folders would automatically move to allow it where preferred.

Using the safari method, is highly recommended when organizing subfolders. Here you will be using the safari side bar. In order to view the safari side bar, touch the bookmarks, which will show you the bookmarks. Afterwards touch on the favorites bar in order to select it.

When moving folders, simply touch and then hold on the folder icon and drag it where you would like it added. It is very much possible to move the folder to any desired location. Simply touch and drag it.

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