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MacBooster 7 Review The Best Mac Optimization Tool?

This article reviews the MacBooster 7 and covers the updated features as well as answers to frequent questions on whether this version of the MacBooster is worth the hype.

Few Mac users don’t think they need a maintenance app. Most of them are tech gurus, who don’t have the time to handle such. But it is obvious that Macintosh laptops and computers become deluge with tons of junk. These junk don’t vanish over time and cause major performance setbacks in the systems. Cleaning such computers is time-consuming, and many people are not as patient or prudent in doing such. Some others don’t even see it necessary to perform a clean until a major setback.

Nevertheless, Mac computers claim to be able to automate this process. But one cannot dare to trust all the apps from online sources. They act very similarly to scareware, and most are not that effective. The need for the MacBooster 7 is then evident. We will try our best to answer the question of where this new app ranks in the hierarchy of software for this purpose.

Firstly, the seller of this software- IObit has several components and commands a great reputation that tells much about the effectiveness of the products they sell. Furthermore, just like its previous versions from 2013, the MacBooster 7 is well equipped with features that satisfy the demands of the average user. It provides the necessary security and performance functionalities as well. The facts are certainly on the side of this app. But does its quantity match up to its quality? Let’s dive right in and find out.

Getting Started

The process of installing MacBooster 7 is quite simple. The only decision to be made is between the paid subscription and the free download. The free download only gives access to the app for 14 days. The requirements for systems to run the MacBooster 7 is anything between an OS X 10.7 and beyond but with a minimum free disk space of 70MB. The current version, however, seems to need 10MB extra of space in comparison to version 6.

The installation takes only a few minutes. As soon as you run and open the app on your Mac device, its GUI pops up on the Status bar, which shows the result of the checkup of three categories: Virus and Malware, Turbo Boost and System Junk. The status is originally set to ‘Unknown’ and will remain like that until a full scan is done on your computer. You can do change this by clicking on the scan button.

The very first scan you perform may take a while, and this is normal because the app requires time to become familiar with the system and gain asses to every area well. When the scan is complete, the system status is then changed to Dangerous, Poor, Good or Unknown. The conclusion of the scan is dependent on the severity of malware as well (if there is any), the memory problems detected while scanning or the number of junk in the system.

The design of the GUI has not changed significantly in this new release. Similar to version 6, which was a significant change from its predecessor, the modules are the same in the left section of the main console. There are two segments of the features namely, Tools and System Status. The meters that were shown in the previous version are now obsolete and to the excitement of many users.

In a nutshell, the MacBooster7 takes up the best features and traits from the previous versions. It has a good interface, and the names of features are quite interpretable, even to novices. However, it appears that there are no significant changes to the previous version. The developers have however changed some feature work. Find out more about the modifications below.


IObit has not included any new security or maintenance module to the MacBooster7, but some options got some changes. The Startup Organisation and the Mini Apps for the MacBooster7 did change. Are you now intrigued? The new features included in the MacBooster7 is quite impressive. It is time to let the cat out of the bag on these changes as well as the basics of the utility in general.

System Junk feature: This feature is given the function of identifying and cleaning any unnecessary file that an installed software or the operating system leaves over time while the computer is running. It tells you the space that can be released by deleting the application system log or junk files, old emails, and attachments software leftovers, etc. Just a click on the clean button will do the trick. Less unnecessary files lead to better performance of the system.

Virus and Malware Scan: The whole security potential is contained in this feature. It involves virus scan as well as malware removal. Malware removal makes dormant obstinate apps and files that cannot be removed in common ways. The Virus scan searches your Mac and Potentially Unwanted Applications that are just growing. Real-time protection is not included in this utility, however, and is a major con to this great app.

Turbo Boost: This utility is used to find, and correct disk permission issues, the cache of Itunes and cache files dropped by third-party apps. A major improvement of this module is that it is quite efficient in removing a lot of free space that could have been stuffed up. It clears your Mac just fine.

Memory Clean: This allows the optimization of your Mac’s central unit. It handles the process that is important and removes those that are just in the background. That is to say that it prioritizes the applications on your Mac by allocating more memory to the execution processes.

A small change we have noticed in MacBooster7 is the switched positions of the free and used memory indicators. You can click the Details button to open the memory breakdown and close those that you do not need.

Privacy Protection tool: This is meant to find and clear all traces (sensitive majorly) or your browsing activities that can be abused by third parties, cybercrooks who steal identity and advertisers. It searches for app traces, saved passwords and tracking cookies, tabs opened in previous sessions, recent items (such as documents, accessed servers, apps, etc.) and the browsing as well as downloading histories in Safari and Google Chrome. It also caters for the HTML6 storage.

The Uninstaller: The name of this utility gives away its function. However, if you inspect more closely, you will notice that the MacBooster7 has embedded in it some extra functionalities. Firstly, it allows for the resetting of any application to its initial state rather than delete it as users usually do. Next, this feature shows the first apps that were installed at the top of the list. This makes sorting of the apps by name and size to be easier.

Startup Optimization: These are the apps that run when the device is booted up. You surely would be wondering how this is different from the typical Login Items of the operating system. It’s quite simple. The Startup Optimization is a bit intuitive, and you don’t need to be specific about the preference of systems to make the necessary changes.

Furthermore, the MacBooster7 includes recommendations for entry, unlike in earlier editions. Now, there is no need to look up on search engines for the recommendations and whether they are critical or not. If ‘Keep’ is close to an item, then it is better to not remove it at all from there. This pane also allows the easy addition of startup apps to it.

Large & Old Files: This feature is quite easy to grasp. It is used to stay informed about the disk space and what objects or tasks take up a large portion of it. It also finds out which objects have been on the computer for a long time. The file size and age filters can be set for each scan. The Home folder has been set as the default computer path, but more directories can be added. Simply click on the Add Folder or restart by clicking Clear List. The processes are quite simple to follow.

Duplication Finder: This feature scans your device for copies of a file where only one may be needed. It then rids of the duplicates thereby clearing the space. Some filters can also be used for sorting of the files by name, size, type or quantity. A temporary algorithm is employed that will display recommendations of the objects that can be safely deleted using the ‘Smart Check’ option. Also, conversion of a specific file to keep the original is made so much easier using the ‘Smart Clean’ utility feature.

Photo Sweeper: The function of this utility feature is to remove duplicate or similar pictures inside a particular directory or across a hard disk. It is important to note that image removal using this module is irreversible, so think twice before a decision is made using this tool.

MacBooster 7 Mini: This is MacBooster7’s applet that stays on the status bar of the Mac and shows an overview of the system status. It also has tools that allow toggling of some features without needing to open MacBooster 7’s main console. The Mini icon particularly shows the percentage of memory and HDD space that have been used, the number of system junks as well as the network activity statistics.

A system cleanup is quickly triggered when the Lighting Booster toggled. The cleanup will quickly improve your Mac’s performance. An important addition to MacBooster7’s Mini App is a Firewall Toggle tool. The default Mac Firewall can be opened and closed just by using this feature. It adds the convenience of the location of the feature.

Selecting Preference in the main menu of the app makes adjusting the MacBooster7 to any function you need easier. The Preference function adds a personalized touch to the MacBooster7.

Hit, the tab button for the particular area you would like to personalize. The areas that could be customized include Ignore List, Virus and malware scan, general, system junk, tools. If the defaults settings don’t suit your taste, you can use the preferences. They are pretty easy to set up and manipulate through.


There are quite some support options that MacBooster7 has, and users can choose from. It has an excellent help section that gives links to the support center, user manual, uninstall tips, and feedback page. FAQs are also added by the vendors to the Online Support Center. License issues, refunds, suggestion bug reports, and general questions are all answered in the support center. If a customer support system is what you desire, you will find it here.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the MacBooster7, but we reckon that the latter is far more significant. The GUI is balanced and does not have any complex controls, so this application is quite easy and smooth to use. The benefit of performance improvement is also quite clear and evident in the app.

It is efficient in locating and removing any redundant file or app regardless of the type. It also allows for freeing up of memory space very easily, unlike in previous versions. Its security feature is also very effective in keeping viruses, common Mac malware, infections among many others. However, this release lacks some security functions that are anticipated in further editions to come. But, we certainly think it has more pros than cons.

Download Now

The new functions in MacBooster7 include a whole lot of suggestions to the Startup Module. The firewall switch now complements the old options that are included in the MacBooster Mini app. So to answer the question of whether the new version is good- we find that it is user-friendly and very effective. With the arsenal of features it has, it cleans and protects your system very well. It is worth having to save you from a lot of trouble.



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