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This Song Is Not Currently Available in Your Country Or Region Fixed

Several users of Apple music have had problems while trying to play certain songs on their music playlist. They have reported an error message informing them that the song they are trying to play is not offered in their region or country. Furthermore, the songs with these warning s grayed out to distinguish them from the others. If you have been experiencing this problem, this article gives you a guide into how you can solve the problem.

Update the Music Playlist

One of the reasons why you are experiencing this problem is because of the changes that have been made on the older playlist. This is especially if the problem is encountered in older music. In this instance, the older playlists will not work. Hence you are bound to get the error. To solve this, you are required to delete the content of the old playlist. To delete individual items on the list, long-press the item that you want to delete and select the remove option. To update the list, just add the new version of the music, and you will be good to go.

In some instances, some songs may be permanently or partially unavailable. This is because music availability keeps on changing. This is subject to the decisions that the company makes regarding certain distributors or artists. For example, contracts offered to individual distribution firms may fail to be renewed. This may affect the available songs in the playlist in that, the record company, distributor companies, or even artists may withdraw the music that was once available.

Sign out and in your iTunes Account

You can solve the problem on your iOS device by first navigating to settings. In the settings option, navigate to the iTunes and APP store and then select your Apple ID option. In this option, you are required first to log out and then log in again with your ID credentials.

Reset the iTunes Warning

This problem can also be solved by resetting the warning on your iTunes. To do this, you are first required to have a computer and a working USB cable. Connect the USB cable to your phone on one side, and the computer on the other end. On your computer, select the iTunes option and open it. When it opens, following the following steps carefully.

  • First click on the option labeled iTunes.
  • Navigate to the preferences option and click on it.
  • Go to the advanced tab and select it.
  • Navigate to the reset warnings and click on it.
  • Click on the OK button.

Sync your Computer and iOS Device

You can also synchronize your computer and iOS device by following these steps

Make sure that you have a USB cable. Using the USB cable, connect your computer with your iPad or iPhone.

  • On the upper left corner of your iTunes, your device icon will be displayed.
  • On the iTunes’ window on the left side, navigate to the settings option, and click on music.
  • This displays a checkbox that labeled sync music. Make sure to select this option.
  • Click on the option labeled sync.


If your iOS device displays a message informing you that the song that you want to play is not offered in your region or country, you have no reason to worry. Follow any one of the steps explained in this article, and you will effectively solve the problem. If one method fails, you can try the next, and one of these methods will help solve the problem.

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