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Tip: iStat Pro is the only hardware monitoring software you’ll ever need

iStat Pro screenshotMacs are supposed to just work, right? But in case you’re curious, the hardware monitoring widget iStat Pro provides very detailed readings about the inner workings of your computer. iStat Pro makes hardware monitoring painlessly easy.





It supports:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Networking details
  • Disk capacity and free space
  • Temperature readings from all the sensors
  • Fan speeds and uptime information.

The widget is divided into several sections that read out the most critical information about your mac. You can customize which sections you want to see. It’s the single most complete hardware monitoring solution.

Get iStat Pro from the official site. (Free, but donations encouraged)

Remote monitoring through the iPhone is also available. You’ll need to get iStat Server (free) for your mac and iStat for iPhone (paid). Details.

iStat Pro tall

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