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Tip: Fun with sudden motion sensor apps

Sudden Motion Sensor game TunnelIf you have a modern portable Mac, it’s likely equipped with Apple’s (SMS) Sudden Motion Sensor technology that is designed to protect the hard drive in the event of an impact.

As it turns out you can do a lot more then save hard drives with this sensor. Here are some apps that creatively use the sensor data for fun.


Classic arcade game that utilizes the sudden motion sensor to steer.

OS X 10.5 and later.

Download from developer.


SeisMac app graph

Turns your MacBook into a seismograph, measuring acceleration in 3 axis.

OS X 10.4 and later

Download from developer.

Tilt SCREAM Pong

Tilt SCREAM Pong

Pong, with screaming.

Download from developer:


Security system app that sounds the alarm when it detect motion or other input. Armed with the Apple remote. Very customizable, can even send email, or run custom scripts if triggered. But note it isn’t perfect, a computer savvy thief will likely find a way around it. (e.g. plug in headphones)

Download from developer.

Liquid mac.

Luquid Mac app.

Creates an aquarium on your screen. Water particles react to computer motion as if it were a liquid.

Download from developer.

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