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Troubleshooting the App Store

Technology makes the world so much easier now, but sometimes the technology we rely so heavily on, messes up.  When our iPhone and iPads, do not work properly, it is beyond frustrating.  One of the most frustrating problems with iPhones and iPads is when app store will not work properly, so here are some pointers to help troubleshoot the problem.

Solution 1 Apple’s System

The first thing that needs to be checked is if the Apple store is down. This can be checked by going to Apple’s System Status, or by going to Apples’ homepage.  If the system is down or updating, this could be causing the problem.  If the system is down or updating, wait and check back later.  Then once the system is back up and running, try again to enter the app.

Solution 2 App Update

Sometimes, apps are not up to date.  Check the device to make sure that the system has been updated, if the device has an update that needs to be done, run the update.

Solution 3 Clear Memory

Occasionally there are too many programs running at once, to avoid this, close out of all programs by double tapping on the home button and swiping the apps up.

Solution 4 Log out, then back in

Try logging out, then back in.  To do this, go to the device’s settings, next go to iTunes and App Store, then go to the apple id and sign out.  Then re-enter the password.

Solution 5 Checking Wi-Fi

The phone or iPad must have a strong Wi-Fi or data mobile connection. If using Wi-Fi, then to settings- Wi-Fi and check to see if the device is connected to Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is on, try shutting it off, wait a moment and then turn it back on (may need to re-enter the password). If Wi-Fi is not connected, it on and select the connection, enter the password.  It is also worth noting that sometimes, the device may need to connect to a different Wi-Fi connection, if this is the case, do the same as if the device is not connected.

Solution 6 Checking Mobile Data

If the iPhone or iPad is not in an area to connect to Wi-Fi, the data mobile should be checked.  To do this, go to settings- mobile data- app store- enable.  Another thing that might want to be checked into is if, the data allowance has been used up.  If the data allowance has been used up, then this can cause the problem of not being able to use the app store, and if this is the problem, the user must contact their mobile carrier to change their data usage allowance.

Solution 7 Date and Time

The date and time need to be set to automatically update.  To do this, go to settings- general- date and time, then check to make sure it is set to automatically.

Solution 8 Reset Network Settings

If the previous solutions do not work, the iPhone or iPad may need to be set back to the factory default.  To do this, go to settings- general- reset- reset network settings.

Solution 9 Turning device off, then back on

Turn the device off, then wait a few moments and turn it back on.

Solution 10 Contacting Apple

The best solution, if none of these work, would then be to contact the Apple store.

These solutions are to help troubleshoot the problems that may occur when trying to access the Apple store.  It is a frustrating problem that occurs, so these troubleshooting solutions should help to fix the problems.

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