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What is Screen Time Password and Steps on how to Reset It

With the update of the iOS 12 comes the screen time feature. This new feature lets the users know how much time they are spending on their iPhones or iPads. Users can also control the time that they spend interacting with the apps for their phone.

Each week, users are shown a weekly screen time report. The report shows how many hours the iPhone is activated, or the active screen hours spent by the user. The new screen time feature lets you control the number of hours a user can spend on a particular app. If you have kids who are frequently using your phone, you can set parental controls for them in no time. You can also restrict contents, apps, and limit the active screen times if you want.

Screen time can have passcodes that users have to enter before accessing it. With the latest update, it seems that some users are having a difficult time accessing or remembering the passcode that they have set up for the screen time. This article will tell you how to find your passcode.

How to Find Passcode in iOS 12

The iOS 11 had a Restriction feature that is very much similar to the screen time. Apple has replaced the Restriction feature with the new Screen Time. Before you upgraded your device to the new iOS 12 version, you might have turned on Restriction. This enabled the Screen time by default. The old passcode that you’ve set up for your Restriction is also your passcode for Screen Time.

To put it simply, what you have set up as your passcode for the Restriction feature in iOS 11 was transferred to the Screen Time after you have upgraded to the Screen Time in iOS 12. You can see the Screen Time under the Settings of your phone.

Disable your Screen Time Passcode

In order to disable Screen Time, you have to enter the password that was set up for Restriction. If you were not able to use the Restriction feature in the iOS 11 before, you may be required to set up a new passcode for iOS 12. The Screen Time should be mandatorily enabled during the installation process of iOS 12. You can set up a passcode later for your Screen Time if you were not able to do so before. You can do this by going into the Settings, then tapping on Screen Time.

Screen Unlocking Code and Screen Time Passcode is Different

Your Screen Time unlocking code is different to the one that you are using for your actual iPhone home screen. This can depend if the user has set up the same passcodes for the two. However, for security reasons, it is important to take note of the passcodes and set up different ones for different applications. Your screen passcode can be four or six digits. However, the passcode for the Screen Time is just a fixed four number code.

If you don’t know the password for your Restrictions passcode, you have three options that you can choose from:

1. The first one is to try basic codes like 0000. This can be common but if you get an error message, change the ones that you are keying in. Just try a few options that you think is the passcode that you have set up for the Restrictions.

2. Erase everything on your iPhone or iPad. You can do this if you already backed up your messages and pictures. This option will delete all files and reset the device to the default factory settings. On the other hand, you can start fresh and start up new codes that you can easily remember on your phone.

3. Use tools that are made by third party companies. You can try to use your iTunes backup from earlier iOS versions. Another helpful tool is pin finder which can easily recover the Restrictions passcode. After recovering your passcode, disable this feature by using it on the Screen Time application.

You might want to send your feedback for Apple regarding this issue. You can also contact support if you need more help.

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