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Amaziograph App Review For iPad Pro

Like many people consider it, Amaziograph is not a pro-level application. Amaziograph is iPad application that is premium and shines on the iPad Pro. It goes for $2. With $2, it is just an apple pencil away from you. It lets you rediscover the enjoyment that comes with creation of mirrored images and tessellations in a magically short time. There is a very big time difference in the manual creation of mirrored images and tessellations take longer that than the automated creation in Amaziograph.

Amaziograph does not have complex technicalities as they are very easy to learn. It lets you chose one among 10 types of grid, where each of them has a varying type of tiling and mirror effect. Once you ‘ve made a choice, and started drawing, the remaining part is to watch as the strokes multiply on your screen.

Amaziograph is one among the applications whose creation is an experience on its own. It brings this fascinating feeling as it magically turns lines and circles into a meaningful image. It adds the coloration and liveliness which sooths with a happy feeling. at some point you would think you are doing it in corporation with your other 10 clones and you all doing it together in perfect synch.

The Amaziograph practicalities are displayed in it expertise when I drew my whole screen with over 25 varying hexagons without any lags, which took place so fast. As a matter of fact, I wholesomely filled my screen with ink before I would wait to realize whether my tablet would at any point loss any of the frames or slow down and drag.

About the Controls

Amaziograph wholly works perfectly with a pencil. In my view, I would argue that it was only meant and suited for pencil usage. Apparently, you can use your fingers to draw, but it would not come out as crispy and it would with a pencil. The pencils become even more necessary when you realize there would be no handy tools that would perfectly draw a straight line. Some other nitty details like colour, stroke width, softness and opacity can be added though. Come up with straight line would an individual’s hand-eye cooperative effort. More custom effects are density and position adjustment of the ten initial patterns.

Suit for Wallpapers

Well my reasons for buying the application on app store were neither practical nor intended. I happened to have bought the app out of the factored notion of “that’s awesome”. That is the first time I had seen it on app store. Apparently if there was any meaningful idea that would have perfectly fitted the Amaziograph app, it was making wallpapers.

Making abstract wall papers is quite easy in this app. You can make abstract as well as colour the white spaces. I made a cool Holiday wall paper for my iPad Pro in a very short time. One interesting part is that I could barely control myself or avoid going too complex when designing my abstract wall papers. At some point I could have barely read a word on my iPad Pro home screen.

The Bugs

Finding and drawing bugs is quite an easy task on Amaziograph. Unfortunately, during the few hours I took to draw using the Amaziograph app, one, two times I had the app misbehave. The controls froze and they would not respond to touch, which was quite displeasing. My solution was right at my fingertips. I launched the multitasking mode which helped me by letting me kill Amaziograph, before things would get further than that. Actually, experiencing this bug was a rare occurrence on iOS 10. It can come as quite a jarring experience, besides occurring in a less engaging app as far as the operating system performance is concerned.

Busy canvas is no necessary when you would like to freeze Amaziograph. It would be quite easy due to the bugs. Tweaking the colour or grid controls might be enough to prove things astray. That is one part that needs to be fixed to boost and utilize the full potential of Amaziograph as an application.

Go for it in purchases.

None is perfect. Likewise, there are times that you may experience a few problems with the app like any other app out there. Vitally, if you are up to that app that you can take your sweet time and equally appreciate it, Amaziograph, a $2 app would be a great choice. Well this could be called a very awesome showcase if a tablet application. Interestingly, if I would be asked, there is no recommendation for an equivalent brilliance that comes with iPhone or Mac. Amaziograph has an experience that would be enjoyably received in a big screen in conjunction with an Apple pencil.

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