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How To Fix Apple TV Remote App Not Working

Your Apple TV can be controlled by any iOS device. You can use your iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch as a remote to control your Apple TV. You need to properly set up your Apple TV Remote App on your device t get started.

Other users reported problems that they cannot see their Apple TV. This can mean that the Apple TV may be offline. However, other users say that the Apple TV is activated and turned on. This guide can help you fix the Remote TV App if you find yourself stuck.

Connect your iOS App to your Apple TV

This is a simple process. You can just go to the app on your iOS device and select Apple TV. However, some users may experience a lot of issues. Some also reported that the Apple’s Remote App is full of bugs that are yet to be fixed. From the other user’s perspective, the app does not work as smoothly as expected.

Steps to Fix your Remote TV App

If you are having trouble getting your Apple TV and the Apple TV Remote App to work on the control center, then please try the following steps.

1, Make sure that your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and your Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you have more than one network on your home, try to deactivate the other ones.

2. Restart your devices. These include your Apple TV and iOS device.

3. Close the application for the Remote TV app and open it again. You can double-tap the home button if it is available on your device. If you have an iPhone X or iPhone XR – or any iOS device that does not have any home device, you can swipe up and then press pause. Find the Apple TV Remote App. Afterwards, you can swipe it up to close it. Launch the app again after closing it.

4. Try to do a restart to your Apple TV. In order to do this, you can unplug your device from the power outlet. Wait for a few seconds, and then turn it back on again. If you have a working remote app, turn off your Apple TV with the following steps: Settings > System> Restart.

5. Another thing to keep in mind is that your iOS devices should be fully updated. You can check under Settings > General > Software Update and check if there are updates available. This is one of the most important steps since updated software can fix a lot of bugs and issues.

6. You can try to remove the pairing of your Apple TV and iOS device. Go to Settings > General > Remote > and Unpair the selected Remote device. Pair the devices again.

7. Your router might be having problems. Apple TV Remote App will not work if your wifi connection is weak or not working. Restart your router. You can unplug it from an electrical socket and plug it again. You have to wait for a bit before restarting your wifi router.

8. On your iPhone or iPad, you can also try to turn on Airplane mode. You can swipe your Apple device from the bottom corner of the screen and turn the light for the Airplane icon to activate Airplane mode. You can turn it off after a few minutes.


The above tips should be able to fix the connection between your Apple TV Remote App and your Apple TV. If all else fails, you can contact Apple for additional advice.

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