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Create Fillable PDF Forms on Your Mac with PDFelement 6

Have you ever had problems finishing your tasks on time? Did you ever have to deal with software that just would not deliver? Did you have to use a lot of time to download a PDF file and print it and fill it up and scan it? Or did you ever wish you could just magically scan a document and make it ready to use in no time?

Wondershare has developed a new amazing software to answer your PDF blues: PDFelement6. It comes with excellent features that make PDF files more accessible to you and your users. In our fast-paced environment, being efficient in everything that we do is a necessity.

Wondershare aims to keep things simple: “Bring Simple to Life”. The are “committed to enriching lives through technology”. Over the years, they have developed user-friendly and easy to use software to help us with our projects. They have software for different concerns: Multimedia, Utility, Mobile, and Office.

One great software they have developed is the PDFelement6. We’ve all had to deal with unfillable PDF and end up doing more work. Online applications are supposed to be easy, but we must print out PDF forms to enter our data. Wondershare’s PDFelement6 aims to make PDF forms fillable and easy to export to CSV, Excel files. They offer a free trial but if you are in it for the long run, it will cost $59.95 to start.

Other than making PDF forms fillable, PDFelemnt6 allows you to do other things with your PDF files. You can edit, add texts, bookmarks, images, and backgrounds all under one easy to use software.

There is no need to worry about making that PDF form easily fillable. Other than that, PDFelement6 gives you a wider range of options when making your PDF form according to your preference. You can go from plain text forms to more intricate PDF forms with drop down menus and even buttons.

Before you can effectively make a fillable PDF form, here are some things you can learn in creating and editing your PDF file using the various features in PDFelement6. First, you should know how to create and edit your files using this software:

Creating and Editing Files in PDFelement6

PDFelement6 is a wonderful way to create and edit files as it allows you to add pages, multiples files, and create files from a clipboard and the list just goes on. But in this article, we will focus on three most commonly used functions of this software:

– The use of Automatic Field Recognition to Create Fillable PDF Files instantly

– Creating a Fillable PDF Form from an Existing PDF File

– Creating a Fillable PDF Form from scratch

There are other methods to create fillable PDF forms. But in this article, we will focus on these three since the steps to creating these forms are the same way in other features of the PDFelement6 software.

  1. The use of Automatic Field Recognition to Create Fillable PDF Files instantly

Wouldn’t it be great to just scan a certain PDF document and Viola! You have an instant PDF Fillable Form. This might be the kind of magic that you have been looking for.

PDFelement6 and its new feature, the Automatic Form Field Recognition, makes life easier. There is no need to redo and print those forms to fill them by hand. It is fast, and it is convenient. This feature enables PDFelement6 to recognize PDF documents that has form fields and change them into interactive fields which make them easy to fill. With this feature, you can work faster and you can easily save and create your PDF forms.

So to make a non-interactive PDF form into a fillable PDF form, follow these steps:

– Launch the software, PDFelement 6. Locate “Edit PDF” on the Start screen and click on it.

– Select your non-fillable and non-interactive PDF file or form and click “Open“. When the file opens in PDFelement6, click the tab labeled “Form”. Under the Form tab, find the “Form Field Recognition” button and click on it. After clicking, you will see that the form becomes fillable.

– The PDF file is now ready to export as a fillable PDF form. It saves a lot of time and effort. It also saves you and your people the hassle to print these forms, fill them by hand, and scan them again.

– After applying the Automatic Form Field Recognition on your PDF file, double click on the interactive fields and edit or type in your data.

You can try doing this with a passport application form. These applications are online, and they are usually unfillable. You must print them out and write on them to fill in data. And that is not all, you must scan your filled application form to send it online. But if you use the Automatic Form Field Recognition of PDFelement6, you will be amazed. Not only does it automatically convert it into an interactive fillable form, it also divides the name field into little boxes for each letter of your name.

  1. Create Fillable PDF Form from Existing PDF File

Aside from the Automatic Form Field Recognition, you can add or create a fillable PDF form to an existing PDF file. This will involve two main steps: Opening and setting up a file, and creating the fillable form.

How to Open an Existing File and Set it up for the Fillable PDF Form?

– Launch PDFelement6. Find “Edit PDF” on the Start screen and click on it. There is also the “Create PDF” option. Choosing this allows you to create a PDF file from image and text documents to name a few.

– Open the PDF form you want to edit by selecting it and clicking “Open”.

– Click “Page” after opening your PDF File. Clicking “Page” opens a screen which displays all the pages of your document. To add a new page, click “Insert”. This opens a pop up menu and simply click “Insert Blank Page”.

– You will see a sidebar where you can choose where to you want to add the new blank page. It could be at the beginning of the document, or after the last page of the document.

– You can start editing the page by double-clicking it.

– To edit this page, click “Edit” and select “Add Text”.

– You can explore other options based on your own discretion and preference. There are formatting options on the sidebar where you can edit or format the font of your title: size, color, font style, etc. You can also edit the alignment of your text depending on your preference.

Creating the Fillable PDF Form

For the next step, we can now add text fields to our document. In this, example, we are using a sample Trip Registration Form to show to you how it works. We will use text fields such “Name”, “Email”, “Phone Number”, “Address”, and a drop-down menu or field where we can add options such as places for the trip. The steps are very easy:

– Click “Form” in the upper menu and select “Text Field”. You can add as many text fields as you want. In this example, we are going to use four text fields. The software allows you to place your text fields wherever you want them to be on the page.

– Still under the tab “Form”, select “Dropdown”. You can place this by navigating your cursor to the desired location and clicking it. If there are changes you want to do, you can always edit them later.

– To properly align the elements of your page, click “Dropdown” to deselect it. Select all of the fields or elements on your page by dragging your cursor around them. This will allow you to edit them effectively.

– After selecting all of them, go to your sidebar, and find “Align”. Select the fourth icon under it to align the selection.

– We can add the options for our trip in the dropdown menu. Click the dropdown text field on your page and this will show more options in your sidebar. Click “Show Field Properties”.

– This will open a window. In this window, click the “Options” tab and add your option, in this example, a place, in “Item”. Click “Add”. Doing this will add the place to the dropdown menu. You can repeat this process as much as you like depending on your own discretion.

– So that your intended users will know what to fill and where to fill, click “Edit”, and click “Add Text”. You can simply add boxes to write the desired parameters such as “Name“, “Email“, “Phone Number“, “Address“, and “Where do you want to go?“. Click and drag the text boxes to where you want them to be on the page.

After doing all the steps above, your fillable PDF form is now ready. Make sure to save the PDF file you edited by pressing “Command + S”. If you want to keep the original file, you can press “Command + Shift + S”. Open the fillable PDF file and give it a shot. You can edit it again if you feel that you can add more or make it simpler. Again, depending on your preference.

  1. Creating a Fillable PDF Form in a Blank PDF File

So, what if you do not have an existing PDF file? You can always create a new one in PDFelement6. Follow the steps below so that you are good to go:

– Launch the software, PDFelement6.

– Select “File -> Create -> Blank Document”. This will open a new blank page or document.

– So in our example, we’d like to create a form with the title “Bug Report and Feedback Form” for reporting bugs in an app. In this form, we will use three text fields: “Name”, “Email”, and “Bug Description”. This should be easier for you now since making a fillable PDF form from scratch involves the same steps for creating a fillable form from an existing PDF file.

– You can freely edit your fillable form however you want it to be. You can also be creative by adding images and background to make it more lively and formal. PDFelement6 is a user-friendly software so you can experiment with its features.

Use PDFelement 6 to Easily Create Fillable PDF Forms

Wondershare has helped many people make their tasks easier and quicker. Editing PDF files is now as easy as editing your Word files.

You can start using this amazing app as a free trial. A paid license starting at $59.95 would allow you to maximize PDFelement6 and its key features. PDFelement6 has a very simple and clean interface that is easy not only to the eyes but in doing the tasks as well. What also makes it user friendly are the big buttons which is like the arrangement in Windows 10. In PDFelement6, it is more minimal.

Say goodbye to hassle and a lot of paper piling up on your desk. Save more money on ink and other supplies by creating and editing your PDF forms on your desktop. And more importantly, save more time for yourself. Not only that, you can customize your forms however you want and be more creative than usual. Add as much text fields as you want, make choices easier by adding dropdown menus, add images and background such as company logos, and use instant features to save more time and effort.

You can download the software in Wondershare.com. PDFelement6 makes work more efficient for you and less expensive for you and your company. Using this software also helps you get responses faster, better, and clearer than it was before. Processing data is quicker and lessens the stress of keeping up with physical documents.

If you work with PDF forms on a regular basis, you need PDFelement6.

PDFelement6 is worth every penny.

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