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How To Fix iPad Displays “Not Charging” When Plugged In To Charge

Everyone experiences this. The charger is plugged and the iPad still shows that it is not charging. This can be very frustrating especially if you need your iPad within the next few hours. These are some of the things that you can try if you have this problem.

What the “Not Charging” Message Means

Usually, iPad will show a “not charging message when you connect it to your Mac Computer. But if you are already plugging in the charger and still get the message, these can mean one of the following things:

1. Your iPad is not charging correctly

2. The charging of your iPad is very slow

Other Reasons Why the Message Shows Up

You can consider other different scenarios when the message shows up. The iPad might not get enough electrical power from its charger. This can be an iPad or hardware problem. Another thing is dirt can be lodged into the charging port.

There might be some kind of debris that prevents the proper contact of the charging cable to your iPad. Another thing to consider is this might be a problem with the software. An iOS bug can be the cause of these. Here are some things that you can do if you encounter this problem.

Fix for the “Not Charging” Message in iPad

1. Try a Different Source of Electrical Power

Sometimes, the problem is not with your iPad but with your electrical source. Plug the charger to another socket and see if it will work. You can also try to plug the chord from the iPad to your computer to see if it’s charging. If you are already using your computer to charge your iPad, try to use another USB port.

2. Get a Different Cable

Sometimes, the cable that connects the phone and the charger is the problem. Get a different cable and try charging it with your iPad. You can borrow a cable from a friend and see if it will work. You might have to replace the cable on your charger if this step works.

3. iPad Ports

A possible scenario is that the cable and the port can’t properly connect because of dust. There might be objects that are obstructing the iPad port. In this case, you can get a toothbrush and try cleaning the port. You can also blow hard into the port to remove dirt and dust. Try to plug in and plug out the cable several times. This way, the debris may be removed through the cable.

4. Turn off and Turn on Your iPad

Try to restart your iPad. Just hold the side button and press the red slider. You can also shut down your iPad by going to the settings and into the general tab. This is applicable for iPads running on iOS 11 and above.

5. Force Restart your Device

You can press the hold the sleep and the home button at the same time. Wait for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo. Try to charge your device after this and see if it works.

Other Things that You Can Do

You can borrow another iPad and try to charge it with your charger. If it works fine, your iPad might have hardware issues. You can go to an Apple Store or contact customer care. You can get alternative advice from their support when it comes to charging your iPad.


It is important to stay calm when your iPad is not charging. Get advice from your friends and family. If all else fails, the Apple Center can be your ultimate answer.

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