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Fix Error Phone Number not Registered with iMessage when Using your iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Some iOS and MacOS users have reported that they are seeing an error message when they are trying to send an iMessage. This error says that their phone number is not registered with iMessage. It can be frustrating to get this issue when you really want to send an iMessage using your phone number.

Here are some tips that can help you get rid of this problem. Some users also experience this and tried the steps that will follow.

  1. Try to sign out and sign back in again on your iMessage account

Sign in using your phone number on iMessage. If you are using this iPhone and you have already registered your phone number, sign out of the iMessage. Wait for at least a full minute before signing back in.

  1. Make sure that your iMessage is Activated

Go to the Settings of your iOS device.

Tap on the Messages option. Turn it on if it is not already active.

  1. Create a New Chat Room

Delete the conversation that you’ve had with one of your contacts. Create a new chat on iMessage. Try to send the message and see if it is successful.

  1. Activate iMessage on your Mac

Go to the Messages Section. Tap on Preferences and select the Accounts menu.

Enable your Apple ID. You should make sure that the iMessage is active on your iPad or iPhone.

Go to the Settings. Select the iMessage menu. Tap on the text message forwarding option. You should have the same Wi-Fi network connected on your iPhone and your Mac computer. You can check this by going into your Wi-Fi and making sure that your phone and computer is included on the list. Choose whether you want to enable your computer or your phone for iMessage.

  1. Make sure that your phone number is registered on your iMessage account. In order to check this, do the following:

Go to the Messages section under Settings. Click on Preferences.

Open your Apple ID under the settings. Make sure that your phone number is registered and verified.

  1. Try to Deactivate the Message Forwarding Feature on your iPhone and Activate it Again

Turn off message forwarding. Wait for at least a full minute before turning it back on again. This might work for your device.


If iMessage is very important for you, you can follow the steps above and see if they can resolve your issue. You can also check forums and chat with a technical support from Apple if you need further help. Meanwhile, if iMessage does not work, you can try to send a message on social media accounts, or just a regular text message from your iPhone.


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