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How to launch Siri on the Mac

Siri is now available on the Mac with the release of MacOS 10.12 Sierra. After launching on iOS in 2011, it was only a matter of time before the virtual assistant would make it to Apple’s other major platform.

Using Siri is simple. Apple made three different ways to launch Siri from your desktop:

  • The MacOS dock: The Siri icon is now available in the dock by default.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Long press Command key + Space will launch Siri in about a second.
  • Menu bar: A new Siri icon is available on the far right corner of the menu bar, next to the notifications icon. The Siri icon can be turned off in system preferences.

So what can you do with Siri on the Mac? Pretty much everything you can do on the iPhone, and also some neat file management tricks. Queries like “Show me my files from yesterday” for Finder searches, or “find my selfies” to perform contextual searches in the Photos app.

Research shows that more than half of iPhone users use Siri to perform voice searches. Will the virtual assistant become as popular on the desktop operating system? Only time will tell. What do you use Siri for? Let us know in the comments below.


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