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The Redirect Virus on your iPhone and iPad- mobfree.click

There’s a new issue that’s causing quite a stir from Apple users. The mobfree.click webpage issue has been causing problems to users running with the iOS 9 and higher which means that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are experiencing this issue. Apparently, there’s a web browsing issue that rises from using Safari and Google Chrome.

The issue occurs simply. The user would open the Safari browser and surf on a specific webpage, only to be redirected to the mobfree.click page after the site of interest loads. There will be a number of apps that the page would display that are offered free and at the bottom, there’s also a message saying “waiting for download” which could mean that there’s an unknown software being installed. It’s possible that the redirection is only the beginning of an even bigger malware attack on the device or it could add junk files on your device that would eventually affect the memory.

To fix the issue, a user can install the Adblock Plus which reportedly is effective and efficient in discontinuing the rerouting and redirecting activity going on in your Safari browser. If you don’t feel like installing a browser extension that blocks this kind of activity, a user can opt on disabling the Java Script in Safari. By disabling, any third-party content on websites visited cannot be used for rerouting activity.

Make sure that your device is protected from any issue and also make sure that it isn’t susceptible from any hackers and malware. Ensure the safety of your phone or gadget by installing software that’s meant to protect it from any issue. If you’ve been experiencing any malware, you can fix it by setting the settings back into the original default ones that you’ve had because chances are, the virus has changed your default settings into its preferred one.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you fix this issue:

Manual Removal of mobfree.click on iOS

Like most hijackers, one way to solve this issue is to restore the settings of your browser back to the original default ones that it had. Issues like these commonly target the browser’s settings and change the default settings into one that’s more preferable to them so the issue could persist without any trouble. Here is a step-by-step guide to restore your browser’s default setting:

  1. Safari troubleshooting on iPhone.
  • In Settings, go to the Safari Menu.
  • Choose the Clear History and Wipe Data option.
  • Confirm this option by tapping the Clear History and Data. Go back to Safari to check if the issue is no longer occurring. If the redirection issue is still going, follow through the next step.
  • Head back to Settings again and choose Safari for the second time. Look for the JavaScript status that will be found under the Security option.
  • Normally, JavaScript is on by default. You can toggle this option and turn it off. This could be the solution to the problem.
  1. Resetting Chrome on iPad.
  • Open Chrome and then go to Settings and then choose the Clear browsing data.
  • You will then proceed into more options after you choose the Clear Browsing Data. Make sure that you’ve checked the Clear Browsing History, Clear cache and Clear cookies. Make sure you’ve confirmed before exiting settings. After this, the issue would discontinue in your Chrome browser.

Using Security Software to Protect your Device from any attacks on system.

Issues can infiltrate and invade your device through unprotected logins. Connecting to public wifi or visiting suspicious websites could be the reason behind the sudden infiltration of these kinds of issues or virus. Be reminded that by doing so, you’re putting your device at risk and susceptible to any kind of malware and hacker which means that it’s better to ensure that your phone is protected.

  1. Download and install the SurfEasy VPN. With this application, it ensures wifi security and privacy and protection features.
  2. When surfing the internet, make sure that you’ve turned on the SurfEasy Protection. This will protect your device from any ad tracking, encrypt all traffic, secure your device when you’ve connected to Wi-Fi hotspots and set your web activities into anonymous.



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