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iPhone X Double Click to Install Error Help Installing Apps

In order to get new apps for your iPhone X, you just go to the Appstore to get them. Some users of iPhone X reported that they could not install apps onto their iPhone X. He could see the “Double Click to Install” on his screen, did the double click, but then nothing happened.

One possibility is that you have to set the phone up for Internet in order to install an app. Many users experienced this issue after they updated their phone to iOS 11. In this article, we will offer solutions to resolve this issue.


Idea No. 1: Start Apple Face ID


  1. Start by double clicking on the iPhone X’s slide button to activate the Face ID feature on your iPhone X.
  2. Download the app on the Appstore
  3. Look continuously at your device, and your purchase should be approved in no time flat. Then, your download will begin, and the new app will be successfully installed on your device.


Idea No. 2: Reset Your Settings


  1. Go to Settings. Then hit Reset. Then hit Reset All Settings.
  2. Then enter the iPhone Passcode.
  3. Then choose “reset all settings”-should be right in the pop-up box.


Idea 3: Check Restrictions for App Installation


  1. Go to settings, then to General, and then Restrictions.
  2. Locate “Installing Apps” and verify whether it is on or off. If it is off, then flip it to “on”.


Idea 4: Restart the iPhone X


  1. Go to Settings and click on General.
  2. Find where it says, “Shut Down” and then click on it. The phone will then turn off. To turn on the phone once more, press the slide button on the right of your iPhone X.


Idea 5: Turn Off Face ID for Apps Download

  1. Go to Settings, and click on Face ID and Passcode
  2. Disable the Face ID for AppStore and iTunes.


Idea 5: Disable Airplane Mode


You will need Internet to download and install apps. If you placed your phone into Airplane mode, you will not be able to access the Internet. To disable Airplane Mode, do the following:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find where it says “Airplane Mode”
  3. If this mode is enabled, be sure to turn it off.


Other Ideas


You can close and then open again the app store. Then, double click the power button to the right of the iPhone X.


Bottom Line


Restarting your iPhone may be the best way to help get this issue resolved, as there may be a software issue that is keeping your iPhone X from downloading new apps. Start by restarting your phone, and this will allow all of your background programs to shut down in a normal and safe way.


Be sure to press and hold down either the volume button or the side button until you are able to see the “slide to power off” appear on the display. Then swipe it, turn off the phone, and wait 15 to 30 seconds before powering on.



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