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Quick tip: How to check webpage for changes with Check4Change Firefox extension.

Refresh iconHave you ever impatiently sat in front of your computer hitting the refresh button, waiting for a webpage to update? Check4Chnage is one of my favorite Firefox extensions. It will automate your refreshing for you, and it checks the page for any changes from the previous refresh. Set Check4Change to track a webpage, and go do something else. When changes are detected you will be altered with a sound.





How to use it

You have Firefox installed, right?

  1. Get Check4Chnage extension here.
  2. Once you install the extension, it you will be asked to restart your browser.
  3. Then go to a webpage for that you wish to track.
  4. Highlight a paragraph or table you wish to track and right click on it. (On the Mac it’s a two finger click on the trackpad, alternatively you can hold down Control and click)
  5. A menu will appear, and select the refresh period from the Check4Chnage menu.Right click menu appears.
  6. Check4Chnage will monitor for changes, and alert you if updates are found. If you want stop, right click again, look on the Check4Chnage menu and select Stop.
  7. That’s basically all. You may want to optimize Check4Chnage behavior to your specific needs. In Firefox, go to Tools, Add-Ons, select Check4Chnage, and open Preferences. You will find a handful of useful customizations.Check4Change preferences

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