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How to Repeat Favorite Songs On the Apple Music App

Once you have joined the apple music, it connects you to the music in the global arena. This includes, the music available in the apple catalogue and your preferred collection as well. Apple music may be accessed via iPad, iPhone, iPod, including the android apple music application.

When you have synchronized the iCloud music library and apple music with your devices, it is very easy and possible to access all your songs once you sign in any of your devices in apple music.

Apple music allows you to do a lot. Some of the possible things that apple music allows you to do are: shuffle, explore the apple music, play, repeat, view lyrics, create preferred playlists, download and add music, use Siri among many other features.

Among the many songs that apple has availed, there must be some that you really love and appreciate. Thus you may want to listen to them repeatedly. Apple music features the repeat feature which lets you listen to particular selected songs repeatedly.

Well, a good number of users have had trouble accessing the repeat and shuffle touch buttons. This article is majorly purposed to give you a way on how you could find the repeat touch button in particular and enjoy your favorite songs.

Directions On How to Repeat Albums, Playlists and Songs

There are two ways that you can achieve this. Interestingly, there is no hard method among the two methods that we are going to look into.

Repeat Songs by The Help of Siri

  1. Siri makes things very easy in IOS devices.
  2. This method works when the song is playing.
  3. Press and hold the home button of your idevice and say “repeat this song” in your normal voice.
  4. Siri would respond to your request by replying in a voice “Ok, this song is now on repeat”
  5. Similarly, when you would like to repeat an album or a saved playlist, no big change occurs. Tell Siri “Repeat the album” or if it is a playlist, you say “repeat my playlist”

Repeating Songs Using the Original Method

  1. Access the apple music application on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.
  2. Chose a song that you like and play it.
  3. As the song plays, a player will be noticed to the lower end of your screen.
  4. On that player, you can either swipe it upwards or chose to tap it. The now playing slide will appear.
  5. When on the now playing slide, swipe it again upwards. You will find the hidden shuffle and repeat touch buttons.
  6. Taping twice will mean you would like to listen to the currently playing song repeatedly

There are two other ways to choose from. That is whether to repeat an album or a playlist.

  1. If you are intending to listen to a playlist or an album repeatedly, you may choose to tap the repeat touch button ones.
  2. Alternatively, when you want to listen to only one song repeatedly, choosing to tap the repeat touch button twice would take you exactly there.
  3. On a light note, tapping the repeat touch button three times would deselect the repeat option and therefore no music will repeat itself whatsoever.

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