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Safari Links That I visit Do Not Change Color. How to Fix It?

It has, in some form and another, recently come to our attention that some Mac and macOS users have been experiencing a problem where the links they click and visit on do not change color after clicking on a hyperlink while others have stated that Google’s Chrome still changes the hue of hyperlinks just fine.

Now, in terms of significant unending issues with technology, this is minor and unimportant at the end of the day. Who cares? Some people might argue when people complain about something so small as the hue of the hyperlink when we click on it. Well, I do, because it tells me what sites I have visited and what I haven’t, and it is a simple enough feature that I do not expect to have any problems with.

As such, this article of ours is here to attempt to remedy the situation for Mac and macOS users as a whole.

Why Is This Happening Anyway?

Now, to explain why this might be happening in the first place, well, I do not know. macOS can be slightly funky at times when it comes to what looks and what does not work in life. Sometimes even the simplest of features can break at times and leave us stumped on why or how.

Regardless, this short article of ours explains how to potentially fix the problem on both macOS Safari and iOS Safari.

macOS Safari

To fix this issue of ours, you will need to open up the browser itself and then go and click on the Safari and Preferences option. Once you have done that, you should see an Advanced tab which will then have the Show Develop menu in menu bar. After clicking on that particular option in the list, you will be free to close the Preferences window (if you would like too, that is).

Now that you have done that, you should see the Develop menu in the toolbar at the top, click on the word Develop which should have Experimental Features open to you. Click on that as well and deselect the option Swap Processes on Cross-Site Navigation.”

Now, please go and check to see if that solved the problem with the hyperlinks not changing color.

iOS Safari

Now, however, on the other hand, if you are having these problems on something like your iPad or iPhone, we can see about fixing that as well.

Once more you are going to want to tap on Safari and go to Experimental Features. You should once again see that familiar Swap Processes on Cross-Site Navigation option that we covered in the section above. Click on it. Now, go and see if your issue is fixed or not.

Final Thoughts And Opinions

This was a pretty short article, but one that I hope provided some clarity and assistance to those who may be suffering from this issue for one reason or another. I do hope this article of ours helps alleviate this problem for those who may be afflicted with it.

Thank you once again everyone, and have a beautiful day, my friends.


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