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Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed Apple IOS , Fix

So many people have a smartphone. Some of the biggest phones on the market is the iPhone, created by Apple or android phones such as Samsung or Google. Many of us like to download various apps or music we can enjoy on the go. The app store has a crazy number of more than 1,5 million apps. Most of these apps are available on any device but some are specifically designed for one model, such as the iPhone. Quite often we can find apps we like for free. Although, most of these apps now offer in-app purchases (after all, nothing is truly free!) Some apps must be paid for.

Users can download or buy apps that will download directly onto your device including; iOS device; iPads, iPhones, or iPod touch. These are bought directly from the app store on your device. If your iPhone is linked to cloud and you have an iPad, it is possible to download an app on one device and it appear on both. Fortunately, it’s usually easy to download and use the various apps but what happens if it doesn’t work?


Occasionally when you try to download an app, a message will come up on your phone which will say it is unable to download or buy/renew a subscription. “your purchase was unsuccessful” why does this happen?

  • Your Apple ID may be associated with too many credit cards.

Sometimes, we have various credit and debit cards we use to pay for various things and sadly, we misplace our cards. Consequently, we then receive a new card and add it to our payment options. However, often, we forget to remove previous or unused cards.

  • Your credit card may be blocked

Your credit or debit card may be blocked for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have overspent on your credit or you haven’t got the funds you thought. In this instance, it may be advisable to call your bank.

  • You are trying to buy something that you are not allowed to buy.

Some apps have an age restriction of on them or need parental consent if you under the age of sixteen or eighteen. Some apps are not available in your country or have not yet been established. For example, some apps may be available in America but are not available in UK.

  • Your account information may not be matching the credit card information on file with your bank.

Maybe you have moved to a new house or changed your billing address? If your details are different than the details the bank have, purchases will be unsuccessful.

Fix it!

In instances where the purchase does not work, it is best to contact the makers of the app store, like Apple.

  • To do this you can visit; Apple.com
  • Or go into the iTunes store, select the option that says, ‘Purchase and Billing then select “unable to purchase from the iTunes store”
  • You can contact apple by email, online chat or by scheduling a call
  • Sometimes, you may want to troubleshoot before contacting Apple
  • Go into settings > iTunes and App Stores and access your Apple ID, make sure all your information is updated and correct
  • Sometimes restarting your device is sufficient
  • Logging out and the signing into the iTunes store, may correct any errors. You can this by going into settings > iTunes and App stores and access your Apple ID > then sign out. Wait a minute and sign back in.
  • Or you can check your restrictions. If you have enabled restrictions, it is best to check that you can access the iTunes store and make purchases or (in-app purchases

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