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Zooming with Keyboard Shortcuts in the Web Browser

Command and Plus buttonAs someone who reads a lot of content on the web, I commonly come across long articles with small text. You may know that web browsers can change the zoom levels from 100% to larger or smaller, but it’s a hassle to go into menus to change settings. This quick keyboard shortcut makes zooming in and out a snap. Once you learn this shortcut, you will be wondering how you managed this long without it.


  • Hold down the “Command” key and press “+” to zoom in.
  • Holds down the “Command” key and press “-“ to zoom out.
  • Hold down the “Command” key and press “0” (zero) to reset to 100%.

It’s compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari browsers, and applies the zoom level to all pages on the website. Very Convenient.

While on the subject of zooming, you may also be interested to know that you can zoom in on things using OS X system zoom capabilities. By holding down “Control” key and scrolling up or down using the mouse. (Two finger gestures on the trackpad)

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