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Best MMORPGs to Play at Home or On the Go- For iPad and iPhone

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing a variety of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer organized role-playing games), for me, they are a good go-to when you are looking for games with a little more depth and wonder. However, I do not own a PC, I mainly use my iPad or iPhone, and a lot of the major MMORPGs are made for the PC platform. Fortunately, there are tons of great games for iPhone, iPad, and the iOS platform.

What Sets Them Apart?

Have you ever been curious about MMORPGs? Before I started playing them I had no idea about the size or scope of these games. We’ve had RPGs in one form or another, but it wasn’t until the late 90s that we got the first true MMORPG. Now there are hundreds of different games, some with millions of players.

What sets MMORPGs apart is the style of game play. From the epic battles and grand adventures to the customization, these games have a gameplay experience that is unlike any other. The world of MMORPG is ever-changing and evolving even when you are not playing. Most of these games involve fantasy and sci-fi elements, which allows you to take on the challenges of new worlds. And the storylines often involve grand quests or mystical missions.

The large user platform allows for a unique social experience. You can join forces with someone across the globe or play with a large group of friends in order to take on the challenges and quests of the game. The more you play MMORPGs the more experience you get. Experience is how you grow character and become more powerful. The more experience you have, the more you can customize and evolve your character to make them as powerful as possible.

Here are some great MMORPGs that are compatible with iOS you could be playing right now.

Celtic Heroes

In this MMORPG you get to explore mystical Celtic lands going on quests and protecting the mythical Dal Riata. You get to choose from 5 defferent characters a Rouge, Warrior, Druid, Mage, or Ranger. You can battle trolls and dragons while getting experience and customizing your character with different features. It’s easy to spend hours exploring the vast lands and going on an impressive amount journey. The game has good 3D graphics and was one of the first games to be made for mobile users.


The story line involves scientific discoveries, mysterious matter, and alien civilization. Scientists discover the existence of a mysterious matter. Due to the discovery sides are formed. One side is pro matter and believes it could help humanity. The other side is against the matter and they believe it is a part of some conspiracy by some force or alien race to control humanity.

Ingress is an augmented reality game, which means you play on your device while interacting with the outside world. In the game, portals appear usually at parks, landmarks, or other public places. These portals emit the mysterious matter, and usually become battlegrounds for the two sides to fight. This game has a fun capture the flag element.

This game is a great way to play an MMORPG, while getting up and being active.

Iruna online

The fantasy world of Iruna has been torn apart by war started by the 12 gods. Now four groups the Hume, Diel, Cule, and Eof are continuing the war and fighting for control. Your hope is to bring peace to your country by going on a wide array of quests, challenges, and fighting some monsters along the way. The game was developed in Japan and has over a million users.

Order and Chaos Online

Inspired by one of the largest MMORPGs, World of Warcraft, Order and Chaos is a brave challenge for any warrior. It has a large mythical map where you can fight, duel, trade, and communicate with other users. You can be an Elf or Human that fights for order. Orcs and the Undead are the bringers of chaos. Lastly, there are the Mendels who are neutral.

There are many different creative and beautiful maps from Jungles, Mountain ranges, deserts, and more. You can interact with hundreds of characters. And go on over 1500 quests. This game is fun, competitive, and will not leave you bored anytime soon.

Armed Heroes

In this game darkness has fallen over the land after centuries of peace. With fun fast 3D graphics, you get to choose from six different heroes Archer, Assassin, Knight, Necromancer, Warrior, or Wizard. Each class has their own set of skills.

You can fight a variety of demons and monsters and go on quests to protect the realm. Also, you can join different clans and guilds to sharpen and improve your skills. The game also features tons of equipment to increase your characters skills. So, get out there, and be the armed hero the game needs!

Arcane Legends

You have three different choices for characters Warrior, Sorcerer, and Rogue. Arcane Warriors is a very fast paced action-intense game. It’s a hack and slash game, which means it’s combat heavy focusing more on hand-to-hand weapon combat as posed to guns or fists. In the game, you have to choose from three different pets a panther, wolf puppy, or turtle. Also, many other pets can be found in the game all with different skills. Collecting different pets can increase your stats and skills in the game.

You can customize your character with 6 different classes of weapons and armor. The game also has 15 different maps with different character specific quests. The maps include cities, castles, deserts, forests, and more. It’s a classic MMORPG with many different adventures to experience.

Dark Legends

Dark Legends is from the same makers as Arcane Legends by Spacetime Studios based in Austin, Texas. It’s a fantasy horror game that takes place in a dark fantasy realm where vampires are on the edge of extinction. This game has a heavy focus on intricate storylines and is combat oriented. You get to experience the life of a vampire while fighting a variety of undead, demons, humans and werewolves.

In the game you can do an array of solo or multiplayer missions. It also features a casual style gameplay. As you level up you can cultivate different skill trees, ultimately building up your character to take the ultimate villain, Dr. Kriegberg.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last day on Earth is a zombie survival game where your character fights to stay alive in the apocalypse. To survive you must grow your skills with multiple weapons, while scavenging and collection the things you need. Also, you must fight off an onslaught of animals, zombies, and other game players.

Your aim is to build and maintain a base while exploring new territory. Planning and strategy are crucial to staying alive. You must learn how to craft a range of items, from weapons and vehicles to buildings and different structures. You can also construct radio towers to communicate and join forces with other players. How long can you survive in the apocalypse?

Dawn of Titans

In this action strategy game, players get to experience a breathtaking fantasy world. Dawn of Titans was nominated for a BAFTA video game award for its stunning mobile graphics. As you build your kingdom and army, the larger and more epic your battles become. You can destroy other kingdoms and capture new territory to strengthen your own kingdom. The game features daily quests, unique campaigns, and alliance events. There are real time battle controls that allow you to lead and control 1000s of troops.

Grow your massive army and equip them with the best gear so you can conquer the game and take on the world of the titans.

Goddess: Primal Chaos

This game offers a stunning cinematic fantasy world. In this fantasy world you are transported back through space and time to defeat the evil “Tyrant” and save humanity. There are three different classes to choose from: Summoner, Warrior, or Bloodline. You can battle millions of players online. There are many different dynamic quests and fun challenging missions. Your hero can join forces with goddess or you can recruit your own band of Heroes. The controls are fun and easy for any beginner to master. The game with its multiple gameplay modes and high-end graphics is guaranteed to keep you entertained and fighting for humanity.

Can you be the hero that saves the world?

Crusaders of Light

The wall has fallen and now demons are infesting your lands and it’s up to you to fight them off. The game has over 300 hours of available gameplay. The player gets to choose from three classes Warrior, Ranger, or Mystic. Once you choose a class there are different skill trees you can choose from to build and progress your character.

You can do arena battles of up to 5v5 and epic battleground chaos battles of 25v25. In addition to the linear story mode that contains different dailies, quests, and bosses to fight players can also loot, find lost treasure and gear to enhance your powers and grow your stats.

Toram Online

It takes place after a cataclysm tore apart the earth. 12 gods hurried to try to put it back together. However, it was never the same. After the cataclysm destroyed all the nations four tribes were formed. You must communicate and work with the groups to go on adventures.

This game is from the same makers of Iruna online and features similar style graphics. It has a large beautiful open world and anime-inspired graphics. This is the first game on the list that doesn’t have a class system. This allows for fun and unique character customization. The player has four main weapons they can choose from sword, staff, bow, and knuckles. You can play with 1000s of other players and team up to take on the most powerful bosses. Other key features are its story-based questing and a really fun music soundtrack. This game is packed with all the monster fighting and boss takedowns you can handle.

Dig in and Build your World

These games are great for when you really want to immerse yourself in an experience. You could spend hours exploring all the gigantic beautiful maps and worlds and barley scratch the surface. MMORPGs are my go to games when I really want to engage with something I’m playing. From the first moments you will be hooked. This list contains some of the best MMORPGs for the iOS platform. These games are great for players at home or on the go.

Whether you are fighting demons or conquering bosses, the games on this list will satisfy all of your MMORPG need and keep you entertained for a long while.


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