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How to Fix Beats Studio Wireless Connection Issues with iPhone or iMac

Wireless is definitely the future for headphones. With Apple doing away with the headphone jacks in their newer iPhones, it makes sense for users to turn to Beats Studio Wireless headphones where the only way to connect it to their respective Mac or iPhone is through Bluetooth.

Connection Issues

A very common issue that many users have reported is being unable to connect their new wireless Beats Studio headphones to Mac or iPhone. There may be a number of possible reasons why this is happening and below are some of them, along with tips on how to fix the problem.


Bluetooth Device Is Not in Discovery or Pairing Mode

If you are unable to connect your wireless headphone to your device, there is a very good chance that your Bluetooth device is not set in airing mode. In order to connect to iPhone or Mac, the wireless headset needs to be in discovery or pairing mode so, make sure that this is the case before you proceed.


Active connection with other iPhone or Mac devices

Headphones that connect through Bluetooth technology must not have any active connection with other Mac or iPhone devices in order for them to successfully pair with new ones. If you had the headphones connected to a Mac computer before connecting it with your iPhone or your iPad, make sure to turn this off first or it will not work. Breaking the connection first before you attempt to connect the wireless headset to another apple device is very important.


Common solutions for Beats Studio wireless headphone connection issues

There are several steps that you can take to resolve Bluetooth connection issues with your wireless headphones. If you have made sure that there is no other exiting connection with your wireless headset to another Apple device, the next step is to try and forget the device.


On your iPhone, hold both the value and the Power Down button for about ten seconds. This should allow you to go to the Bluetooth settings in the device. From here, select the option where it says Forget the Device. This will allow you to pair the device and the headphone again. Doing this should help re-establish the Bluetooth signal and the connection too.


It can get very frustrating when try to connect your new wireless headset to your Apple deice and it just would not do it. Luckily, there are a number of easy and simple solutions that you can try out to fix this so you can enjoy that wireless listening experience in no time.


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