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How to Send Feedback to Apple for Customer Service, Devices, Products

Do you want to send a feedback for an Apple service or product? Then the good news is you can. You can let Apple know when you run into problems. You can also make feedbacks, compliments, complaints, or suggestions.

Apple prioritizes these feedbacks because these tell them the areas where they are doing great or the areas where they need improvement.

The purpose of this article is to guide users, customers, and potential clients on how to provide their feedback to Apple.

It is important to note that Apple put a statement where they said they read every feedback that comes in their way. However, responding to each and every one of the feedback is not possible. Apple has a dedicated team that is assigned to reviewing and escalating feedbacks received every day. The proper outlets and departments get escalations from important feedbacks. These outlets include iTunes, iPad, Mac, and iPhone.

This is a reassuring way to tell Apple’s customers that their voices are heard.

How to Send Feedback to Apple?

If you run into problems or want to know how some functions are working, you need a technical support. You can get immediate help if the screen is broken, the buttons are not working, and a lot more by contacting Apple support. You can chat, call, or visit an Apple Store for additional support.

There are a lot of ways on which you can send your feedback. Here are some of the basics that you need to know about feedbacks. You can send one of the following:

Feature requests for iOS or MacOS

Complaints about Products or Services

Bug Reports for Newly Released iOS versions and others

Unresponsive, slow or crashing applications

Performance Problems

Other Suggestions

Submit Feedback on the Apple Website:

You can send a feedback online through Apple’s website.

1. Go to the following website: apple.com/feedback/

2. Select a Service or Product

3. There will be a form for you.

4. Provide necessary and complete details about your Feedback.

5. Don’t forget to add your email address. This can be optional.

As stated, Apple won’t be able to respond to every feedback that they receive. However, there’s still a chance that you will receive a response from them.

6. If you are done filling up the form, just simply click the Submit button.

There’s also a Feedback Assistant application that is available to Mac users.

How to Submit Feedback through the Assistant App (iOS and MacOS)

1. MacOS

The Feedback Assistant App is available on the public beta version of the MacOS.

Click the Feedback Assistant App on the Dock in order to launch it.

If this is the very first time that you are using the app, you will be asked to agree to the license agreement. Just simply click the Accept and Continue button.

Sign in using your Apple ID and password when prompted.

This is a similar version of the mail application

Click the New Feedback Button

Describe your issue and click Continue and Submit after you are done,

2. iOS

1. Go to the Feedback Assistant

2. Sign in using your Apple ID and the correct Password

3. Describe your Feedback in Detail and Send it.

Don’t forget that Apple employees and engineers would also love to hear great feedback from you. If you have something good to share, don’t hesitate to send a great feedback for it. If you discover some bugs, help other users by sending a feedback as well.


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