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How to Turn Off iMessage on MacBook Pro

There are times when you don’t want to receive any iMessage on your Mac because you are already getting the messages on your iPhone. Some people just want to check their messages on a single place to make it more convenient and orderly.

This can happen whenever your Apple ID is synced to the application of your Mac iMessage and the one from your iPhone. If you have an open iMessage on your MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, OS X Yosemite, iMac, or MacBook Air, here are some steps that you can follow to deactivate the application.

Deactivating iMessage

1st Solution – Disable iMessage Permanently

  • Open your iMessage Application
  • Look for the Preference tab on the top left of the screen
  • Under the Message Preference, search for Account Tabs.
  • Remove all associated accounts to stop receiving messages

2nd Solution – Turn off iMessage on your Mac computer

Go to your iMessage

Under the Settings, go to Preferences.

Click on your Apple account

Uncheck the box for Enable this Account under your Apple ID

Click the Sign Out Button Afterward

3rd Solution – Turn Off Notifications for iMessage

Go to the System Preferences, then select Notifications.

Click Messages and look at the left side. Select the None option.

If you are using the Yosemite OS, then you might be overwhelmed with a lot of inane messages that comes to your computer while programming. Just simply navigate to your Applications. Select the Messages.app.

Go to the Messages Pane on the top left side of your Mac. Choose Preferences, then go to your tab that shows Accounts. Just simply sign out from there. You can do the above steps on your Mac operating system. If you can’t see the tabs and menus above, you can contact Apple support or see an expert.

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