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Removing a Broken Headphone Jack- Tips for Apple Device Users

One of the most common problems that wired headphone users experience is when they try to remove it from their Apple devices and it just breaks and snaps. Your biggest concern would naturally be how to successfully remove it. It can be tricky, but it should be easy enough if you know what to do.


Use a BIC pen

This is probably not the first thing that would come to mind if you want to remove a broken headphone jack, but it is quite a handy solution. If you have a BIC pen at home, take the ink tube. You need to use the end of the ink cartridge and then slide it up the socket where the broken jack is. You should feel a bit of pressure as you push up. When this happens, push the ink tube a little harder and then pull it out fast.


Do note that you need a pen with an ink tube which outer diameter is going to fit the hole of the Apple device. It should also have an inner diameter that will fit the broken jack.


Use A Thumbtack

This is quite nifty and not a lot of people might think about using this technique. All you need to do is bend the end of the thumbtack like a hook. Push it up the broken jack and then twist it until you feel that it has a grasp on the broken piece. Pull it out immediately and the broken piece should be pulled out successfully as well. Safety pins will work for this solution too.


Use Glue

Crazy glue can be a good solution for removing broken headphone jacks from your Apple device. With a toothpick, add some crazy glue on one of its end and then stick it in until you feel that it has touched the broken jack. You’ll need to wait for some time to let it dry. Pull it out and the broken piece should come out too.


Use the Broken Jack

Some people have tried jamming the broken headphone jack into the port where the rest of the piece snapped. There is a good chance that the broken piece might just click back into the rest of the headphone cable and come out when you pull it back out.


Other User Suggestions

Some users have suggested using both super glue and the broken user jack to remove the piece left on the port. To do this, all you need to do is add some super glue on the broken jack and then insert it back on the port. You’ll have to wait for a bit for the glue to work its wonder. Afterwards, pull it out and the broken piece should be attached to the jack.


Just because your headphone jack snapped doesn’t mean it is the end of the world for your device. You’ll be surprised at how some very simple, easy solutions can help you fix the problem by yourself. The best part? You do not even need to take the Apple device to a service center so, you save some cash.


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